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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 02 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 02 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

177.Mark Ibbotson, (Ibbo) Leeds UK. Fedora/Slackware user. I hope MS get put in a position where the IP stuff must be addressed without cloak and dagger tactics like they are using.
178.Lance Miller - USA.. I use Edubuntu & Ubuntu on all of my home pc's.. After 12 yrs. as a M$ tech I got fed up with paying good money for a worthless OS.. Now that I've seen what Vista has to offer I'm so glad I moved back to open source, so sue me..Also, Open Office is on these same machines as well. Its a fine product that works perfectly & doesn't cost $300 - You too can own these fine products & all you need is a pc & an internet connection.. No Credit Card required.. 179.David Alan Dyball - Brisbane, Australia. I use Slackware 11.0, Ubuntu (6.10,7.04,Desktop/Server,Xubuntu) I use Linux exclusively because I need to have complete control of my computer, something a closed-source product would never allow.
180.Scott Mortimer in Belgium. Come and get me suckers!!! : Kubuntu 7.07/Debian 4.0/openSUSE 10.2
181.Arun - Bhiwani, India. I use openSUSE 10.2 /CentOS 4.4-5.0/FC4. Windows sucks...
182.Brady Merriweather - Richwood, Ohio. brady@adminremote.com- I use Clark connect to manage my network, and all 5 of my family members use Ubuntu 7.04 at home. I own a computer store, and sell legitimate copies of MS Windows to customers who were taken advantage of by some wannabe redneck who sold pirated copy to them. I've always addressed their interests by informing my customers, but I also understand my demographic. Not many people can afford to legitimize, so I offer Ubuntu for free at my register. (Stacks and STACKS of CD's) This helps both my customers stay legitimate and free from troubles, and keeps Microsoft happy, well at least I thought.... 65+ happy customers, only 2-3 calls since asking general questions with Ubuntu. (IE how to change a screensaver or add a printer) All and all, you'd have to take the town. I'm sure our "boss hog" mayor would like to differ.
183.Micha?, Andrzej Wo?niak - Warsaw, Poland. Using Ubuntu 7.04, Debian 4.0 on several machines; spreading the word and turning my friends to fellow pirates, yarr!!
184.Edward Tjnhammar, Sweden. Gentoo/Archlinux GNU/Linux 2.6.21. [http://badvista.fsf.org/ Bad Vista]
185.Gautam Singh - India. I use Centos, Open Suse and Open Solaris - I like the freedom that comes with it. http://ga.ut.am g@ut.am
186.Kevin Campeau - Canada. FreeBSD/Xfce. 187.Andre Robatino - Brookline, MA. Fedora Core 6
188. [Editor's note: This number was garbled in the original list due to a strange error in the mediawiki software] 189.David Moss, Switzerland, Ubuntu Feisty and Cygwin when I can't get a real OS
190.Kristian Lund - Denmark. Used Kubuntu, going back soon. I use OpenOffice for everything I can (that's a lot). Please sue me and get my name in the papers so I can use the publicity to tell people about your business practises and shit-poor products.
191.Christopher Brown, Huddersfield, England. snecklifter at hotmail dot com. I have been using FLOSS since Windows failed on me during my final year project. I now use Fedora at home and Ubuntu in my workplace. Plus the countless websites running all that lovely LAMP tech. I look forward to hearing from you.
192.Elouise, UK. Ubuntu Feisty, Gentoo, Slackware and whatever other pirated distro of this virus called Linux that I happen to be checking out at the time. Anyway, since I live in the EU, where software patents are non-binding, I'm more than happy for MS to sue me. With a bit of luck they'll have to extradite me and I'll get a free holiday to the US!
193.Joshua White - USA. Your not the only ones with money, lawyers, and time.
194.Jeremy Hammond - USA. Dig that grave deeper M$!
195.Justin McManus (Berkeley Vale NSW Australia) - Have used Mandrake 7 (I think,) Red Hat 5.0, openSUSE 10.1, Ubuntu 6.0 and currently 7.04. Only reason I use MS is because game programmers are lazy and don't like making games for *nix flvours.
196.Dionysis Kalofonos - Spain. I use Debian Etch. In the university that i work we use Debian and Ubuntu.
197.Chris North- Auckland, New Zealand Ditched Windows years ago, Using Kubuntu 7.07 and Ubuntu Microsoft lawyers: sue me first 5u(| 198.Gan Andersson - Sweden. I use Fedora at home and RHEL at work.
199.Jason Clark - China - I use Ubuntu Feisty because I choose to. I will never go back to the bloat-ridden OS that is Windows. I don't worry about crashes anymore. Linux does what I want when I want, quickly. So, yeah... Please sue me too, Microsoft.
200.Mateusz Radwan - Warszawa, Poland. Slackware 8.1 on a server and Mandriva 2007 on a desktop, both at home. SMFM.
201.Idar Wilsgd, Troms, Norway - Gentoo on several computers.
202.Piotr Biernat, Krak, Poland. I use Linux since 1995, starting with Red Hat 4.0 and I am using Debian since early 2000. Can't wait to see you suing yourself into nonexistence, Microsoft. I'm dying from curiosity how you plan to enforce your "patents" in the EU...
203.Viktor Hauk, Brussels, Belgium - Using Ubuntu 7.04 - It's fun, different and pisses off people trying to use MY computer :)
204.Adam John Miller, US - Texas. I've been a GNU/Linux user since late 1999, debian user tried and true. Come and get me, I'm not worth much anyways. 205.Mike Harrison, aka meuon, Chattanooga TN USA. Mostly Microsoft Free since 1994. Build several technology businesses using it, current fav distro is Ubuntu. - Oh, it's not about cost, it's about quality, power, flexibility, stability and choices.
206.Arvid Picciani | DE | archlinux , freewrt, debian | Free Software Developer | Please sue me for using your great inventions like the double click, or like a computer. Maybe you could also sue me for the usage of your patented air.
207.Joe Willis - Texan living in Birmingham, UK - Debian 4.0, Ubuntu 6.06, FC6 - I use open source because I have several home computers on a home network. If I were to use those "other" products I would have to pay for a new OS for each system and license. That is absurd. I have no virus or malware problems, I don't have to load apps that constantly run in the background absorbing my systems resources, and as log as I use Debian, I don't have to play upgrade the hardware.
208.Randy LeJeune, United States - Slackware user.
209.Marek Vician - Bratislava, Slovakia - Archlinux 0.8, XFCE 4 - please sue me for not using your OS.
210.Roland Bouman, Leiden, The Netherlands. Have been a long time window user (since 1993) but happily switched to Ubuntu a year ago. Would not want to switch back.
211.Paul Garrett, Australia - Using Ubuntu 7.04 on four home computers. Initially driven to it by viruses and slow Windows apps. Am so happy with Linux, I'll never go back. Converted five others too.
212.Ben Lampard, New Zealand - Ubuntu and Mandriva.
213.Cheta Nwanze, 1 Olu Ginuwa Road, Benin City, Nigeria and 315 Green Lane, SW16 3LU, London England. Switched from Window$ 3 years ago and I would like to know what laws broke in doing that. Ubuntu Linux
214.Dirsehan Tunl, Ankara/Trkiye. Pardus and Windows XP are installed on my PC. I am using Thunderbird as mail client and I can access the same stored mailbox from both OS's. I am also using Firefox the same way, all my bookmarks and extensions are there when I switch the OS, and no problem. I like this flexibility.
215.Kern Dixon, United Kingdom - kern dot uk at gmail dot com. Archlinux, pekwm. swapped to Linux yrs ago for all the usual reasons, choice, power, flexibility. It pains me when i'm forced to use Windows elsewhere and confirms for me, everytime, that swapping to Linux was the right choice.
216.Vytautas Jancauskas, Vilnius, Lithuania. I am using OpenSUSE 10.2 because it's stable and has more power and flexibility then any MS OS will ever have + it's open source and that makes me feel cleaner and more confident with what i have installed on my pc. I use it mostly for programming and music production. One other point is that microsoft with it's more and more resource hungry OS's makes people throw out their old PC's and is adding to the worlds technological waste which is also a bad thing.
217.Kofi Adusei Koduah-Sarpong, London, United Kingdom - Been using linux since 2001. I use Debian GNU/Linux on my main laptop. I run FreeBSD 6.2 on one of my servers and I run Debian on my Sun Netra T1 Server. I initially started using OSS becuase i wanted t know what it was all about. I'm happy with the way linux runs now. I had been a long time windows user since 1993. Now i preach OSS to anyone who will listen.
218.Andrea Blankenstijn, BE/Switzerland - Using Gentoo, OpenSuSE and OpenWRT. I like his flexibility
219. Jamie Terran - Bali, Indoesia - linux and open source user, not cos its free cos it rocks ! I wouldn't pay for microsofts poor implentation !
220.Hans Poppe, Oslo, Norway Using Debian 4.0 and Kubuntu 7.04 because it is NOT propritary
221.Chris Rowson, East Riding, United Kingdom - Ubuntu 6.06 x 3 servers Ubuntu 6.10 x 1 server Ubuntu 7.04 x 2 laptops and have installed Ubuntu 7.04 on a further 5 friends PCs and counting. Dear Microsoft, please sue me as I've been a very naughty boy. I really should have used Windows for my servers, even though I'd have spent more time upgrading and restarting them than I would 'serving things' from them. I also deserve to be sued as I'm running linux as a desktop OS too. In fact after you've sued me, you should then kick the living daylights out of me for having the audacity to dare to try and use a stable operating system. I'm sorry :-(
222.Werner Egloff - TG/Switzerland - using SuSE & Gentoo. Can do VERY WELL without MS software & associated hassles !
223.Vatra BogDan, Romania Debian GNU/Linux >50 computers. Fuck Micro$oft and fuck patents.
224.Vijay RadhaKrishnan , Germany - I have installed Ubuntu after seeing Stupid Microsoft Infringement claims. hell with US patent laws , one day People will patent Natural breathing so that one has to pay royalty for Natural things. Freedom is the highest Objective ...
225.Juan Reyes, Spain. Using GNU/Linux for (almost) 10 years. Gentoo Linux installed in both laptop and desktop.
226.Hatem Zidi, Tunis- Tunisia. using linux since 2001. i used redhat on almost all my servers. i developped many tools using open source stuff, and got no problem with them. i don't blame microsft, but, sue me for doing that!
227.Rami Taibah - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Gave up MS 2 years ago and never looked back again. Currently using Ubuntu, I am a baddy and communist, please Microsoft come and put me in my place, I have been naughty
228.Justyn Butler, Southampton, UK. I have used Fedora and Ubuntu for two years. It gives me a much more pleasant desktop to use than Windows can.
229.Johan Steurs, Belgium. I use Ubuntu for some time now. Gentoo too. Bitchin'stuff.
230.Paul Cobbaut, Belgium. Formatted my last Windows partition in April 2004, have been using Red Hat, Debian and now Ubuntu on all my desktops and laptops. Doing the same since a couple of years with family and friends. I like stuff that just works, so i use linux!
231.Omar Hermannsson - Reykjav, Iceland. I'm using Ubuntu 7.04, OpenOffice and only open source, free software on my own computer and it suits my needs perfectly. At work we use various Linux distros (Ubuntu, Gentoo, RedHat, Suse) and other open source software as well. If there is a viable open source alternative for anything we're doing we tend to choose that.
232.Andrew Brown - Bracknell, Berkshire, England. I am guilty of using Linux in an Ubuntu distribution on my laptop of all things. I feel ashamed that I have no need whatsoever for Microsoft in any part of my computing life. Please Microsoft come and sue me to make me feel better. By the way, I actually did read the whole of your EULA, thats why I no longer use you
233.Matt Woodward - Bristol, UK. I use Ubuntu on my desktop and laptop, Gentoo on a media centre, and have two other machines that run a variety of free software usually used for development and testing. Please Microsoft, come and show everybody what an evil person I am
234.Alessandro Lensi, Pisa, Italy - I cutted off windows from my pc (home, work, friends and girlfriend too) except where I cannot do so (matlab and autocad) just because i don't like how it works.I use gentoo on mine, and install ubuntu on the rest (ubuntu is easier to maintain). Linux JUST ROCKS, show us what patent we are infringing, and please explain why linux which you, microsoft, assume as a clone of windows works better than the original product.
235.Chris Parr - London, England I use Gentoo linux on my computer, and I love the way I can have it do anything I want it to. Free software has changed my life, and inspired me to become the best programmer I can be...
236.Jg Luther, Munich, Germany. As editor of an [http://www.linux-user.de computer magazine] I use a bunch of different Linux distributions at work every day, be it on my production system (Debian "Woody") or on testing machines. Privately, I use Ubuntu "Dapper", Fedora Core 6 and Damn Small Linux. C'mon MS - sue me!
237.David Tremblay, Canadian, in Vietnam, very happy with GNU/linux, try me !!!!
238.Richard J. Stelling - Bristol, England; Red Hat, OpenOffice, Apache etc.
239.Sergey Kostov, Razgrad, Bulgaria. I have 5 PCs all of them running some kind of open source os. I have two Debian GNU/Linux, one Monkey linux runnung on an old 486SX/33 with 4MB ram, one Knoppix and one FreeBSD 5.1. I hate to say it but i do have a windows installation on my laptop. Do you know what i use it for? Playing quake (i have a crappy video card with no opengl driver under linux).
240.Ido Perelmutter - Rishon Lezion, Israel. I use Debian GNU/Linux on my home computer, with which I illegally use my illegal right to program software; maintain software; use software; enjoy multimedia; interact with my cell phone, PDA, MP3 players, etc.; surf the internet; bash Microsoft on websites and forums; use my mouse; tap on my keyboard; pump up the volume on the speakers; and worst of all, breath air!!! And I do so because I don't give a rat's ass about law! Don't care about it I tell you, and I will continue to break it until Microsoft steps up and sues me to my last coin of Shekel. I'm a monster I tell you, a monster, and I just gots to be stopped!! Muhahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
241.Damjan Cvetko - Maribor, Slovenia. I use many distros and Ubuntu 7.04 is my main deskotp distro. People over profit - freedom to all - especially to Microschnulz employees :D "Just how many centurys have we been waiting for someone else to make us free?" ''Faithless''
242.Stefanos Klironomos - Greece. Gentoo on one machine, Debian on two others. Easy with the sueing microsoft, I'm saving money to get a Mac (will use linux on it too!) so I can't afford a lawyer!
243.Simon Lang - South Australia, I use Mepis (dapper), kubuntu (feisty) and xubuntu (edgy), I have totally abandoned running windows. The reason I refuse to use Microsoft products is because of what they are trying (and failing) to do right now. Intimidation, FUD, and strangulation of ideas through patents is greedy and idiotic and now that linux is really starting to show it's true colors, they are going to try to put the kibosh it. I will not be told by a company which software is blessed and which is not by them, I will not be labeled a criminal because I run a piece of software that they have never set a finger on and then have them turn around saying it belongs to them. Sue me, I dare you, sue this poor struggling uni student, its worked so well for the RIAA and MPAA. No, really sue someone, anyone, lets see this hoarde of patents that no-one can see. You sound more and more like SCO with it's, "you're infringing! now show me what you're infringing on! NO! I will not tell you what you are infringing on! You show me what you THINK you are infringing on first!" kind of talk, hell, you paid them to do exactly the same thing, Microsoft should've of learn't their lesson the first time, idiots.
244.vind A. Holm <sunny@sunbase.org>, N-5042 Bergen, Norway.
245.Andrew Jewett, Santa Barbara, California, USA. xubuntu 6.10 (On my Mac which is not running linux, I also use: firefox, latex, inkscape, gimp, x11, neo office, audacity, VLC, aquamacs, xmgrace, gcc, make, rcs, cvs)
246.Christophe Monniez - Belgium - I use Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora. I abandoned completly the use of windows at work and at home because it's only good for viruses and games. If Microsoft sue me for using linux, I will ask them to give me my money back for the number of hours that I have worked to fix the Windows machine of all my familly, my colleagues and my friends.
247.Jarmo Lundgren, Metsola, Vantaa, Finland. Ubuntu 7.04. I installed it because it was there and nobody stopped me.
248.John P Foster, Gold Coast Australia. I've used Linux since December 1994. I've used Slackware, TurboLinux, Caldera, Red Hat, Corel Linux and Debian GNU/Linux. I've installed Debian in particular on hundreds of peoples (and businesses) computers, and have been a contributor to the GNU Documentation Project. Most of these people have been more than happy to leave the Microsoft environments alone, and the few who have needed to run software built for Win32 platforms have been very happy to run it under wine and winelib. I've also helped 3 ISPs migrate from a Windows based environment to pure Linux/BSD systems, which would equate to many thousands of people using GNU Linux and FreeBSD due to my efforts.
249.Folkert van Heusden, Gouda/Netherlands. Linux user (first slackware then debian) since around 93-94 or so. Active open source developer ([http://www.vanheusden.com/Linux/ check my webpage]) so maybe I abused some of microsoft patents.
250.Nils Ivanson, Geborg Sweden, I've used Linux since 2004. I've used Debian GNU/Linux. I've installed Debian in particular on dussins of computers.
251.Steve Woods - Bristol, United Kingdom - I'm acting secretary of [http://www.bristolwireless.net Bristol Wireless], a community co-operative, where we use Debian for running LTSP thin client suites and our servers. Home machines: Mepis.
252.Hamid Ohadi, London, UK. Gentoo on my laptop and Ubuntu on a desktop. I also use LaTex, Inkscape, XFCE, Mutt, Firefox, Gimp, OpenOffice, Gnumeric, Gnuplot, Octave, Mplayer. Good opportunity to sue me. No Money No Lawyer. Iranian as well!
253.Ugra Diel (daniel.ugraATgmail), Hungary. I use Kubuntu 7.04 at home (with all my family) and Gentoo at school. Please sue me first!
254.Dan Rosen - PA, USA. Debian 4.0 on two computers. One runs MRTG and the other runs Apache. Come and get me!
255.Robert Wormleck (wostram@grepthat.ga), Georgia. I am a long term user of Linux, currently I use Ubuntu at home and work. Please sue me first!
256.rsteinn Sveinsson - Iceland, Debian or derivative on all my computers.
257.Dave Jones, Muizenberg, Cape Town. I use Ubuntu Feisty. Cedega from http://www.transgaming.com is Linux based emulation software for gaming which I happily PAY FOR for years now - it runs Oblivion and NFS Carbon in Linux beautifully, many other games too - so I can play my "paid for games" in Linux - Microsoft is irrelevant here.
258.Julian Pettersen, Norway - OpenOffice user
259.Phil Carmody ("FatPhil"), pc+suemefirst/at/asdf.org, Finland. Linux user since 1993, pretty much exclusively since 1999. Mostly Debian on x86, Alpha, and PowerPC, but I have copies of evil RedHat, Fedora, SuSE, Ubuntu. and Gentoo.
260.Kevin Huysmans, Mechelen, Belgium. Debian is my preferred linux flavor. Linux rocks my world because stuff just works!
261.Mirsal ENNAIME, Lyon, France. I'm using Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo (And a LFS for fun) Why ? Freedom, of course !
262.Marcel Buchholz, Germany. I use Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, Mandriva and Fedora - Because it works.
263.Steve Baker (Austin, Texas). I use a variety of distro's at home and at work. In my last job I caused thousands of PC's to be equipped with Gentoo Linux and sold at a vast profit to the US government where they do sterling service as flight simulator graphics systems. If you are attacking us on a Linux-systems-per-capita basic then you definitely need to sue me first...oh - and the US airforce, marines and army too - they have more money than I do.
264.Tim Eggleston (Aberdeen, UK). Gentoo Linux. Gentoo because of Portage, Linux in general because it gives me complete control to do whatever, whenever I want, and is stable as a rock (unless, and only unless, I mess it up) while doing so.
265.Raj Kiran Talusani. Use Ubuntu, RedHat because Linux is awesome
266.Durval Menezes (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): I'm a computer consultant and aficionado, and a Linux user since 1993 (kernel 1.0.23 on the SLS distribution); I use regularly Redhat (both the original and CentOS, in many versions from 3.03 to EL4) on clients' servers and my own servers, desktops and laptops, Ubuntu (6.06 and 7.04) on my family's desktops, Gentoo (mainly their excellent "minimal" bootable ISO for recovery and installation tasks), OpenWRT (White Russian) on my Asus WL500 wireless access point; I'm migrating away from a Palm PDA (running PalmOS) to an HP iPaq 2215 running Familiar Linux; I run Linux almost 100% of the time, and I only use Windows very infrequently inside VMs (under both VMWare and Xen, and on a dual-boot partition in my home desktop) for those odd tasks that still requires it, or that I didn't yet find the time to learn how to do properly under Linux (like some games and video decoding/encoding apps)
267.Seba Vanhuffel uses Gentoo & Suse because XP is scratching my balls while running ./gates_who.sh
268.Ross Goble, Adelaide Australia. I use Debian on a variety of machines and I find it to be a great operating system. If I am using some one's patented software then thanks for the work but if you want some $ you are going to have to throw lawyers at me! Have a nice day @-|
269.Alexander Blomen, ubuntu#ablomen.nl, The Netherlands, using Ubuntu, Xubuntu, ubuntu server, debian for everything i do (work and leisure time)
270.Paul van Genderen, Netherlands. I use Ubuntu and Debian on 3 PC's, FreeDOS on 1 PC. GNU/Linux allows me to do what I want, unlike [http://badvista.fsf.org/ Vista].
271.Bat' Simo, from Kamakura, Japan. Been using Linux at home since kernel 1.0 or thereabouts, and at work for about half a decade now. Sue me first, please.
272.Montxi, Asturias (Spain). I use Ubuntu (7.04), Debian, openSUSE, and Mandrivaand. Newest Computer from 2002. AND IT WORKS.PUXA
273.Gareth Williams, United Kingdom. I am using Kubuntu 7.04. Every so often I try and use Linux instead of Windows to see if I can. This time I can! If games developers put the effort into making Linux versions of their games I would wipe Windows all together.
274.Ian Theofilos, Atlanta, GA. Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora. Working in WinBlows makes me feel crippled.
275.Hiran (hiranjyotiATgmail.com), India, Using different Linux distributions for more than 10 years because there is no match!
276.Andy Loughran, Birmingham, UK. I have been using solely Linux for the past two years, listening to my music collection, using OOo, and contributing time to the Open Source Movement. Anyone have a spare SuSe voucher?
277.Pedro Ferreira, jose DOT pedro DOT ferreira AT cern DOT ch, Geneva, Switzerland. I use Gentoo Linux at home, and Scientific Linux at work. I find it a shame what some people at Microsoft are trying to do with FLOSS.
278.Robin French, Manchester, UK. I use Windows XP and SuSE 10.2 in a dual boot configuration on my machine. I also use OpenOffice on Windows because my pirated Office 2003 sucked balls
279.Kyle Brooks, cmpfixer AT hotmail DOT com, Peterborough, Ontario. Windows sucks (not Microsoft, but they need to fix their business practices!).
280.Flavio Volpi - Turin, Italy. I have been using Linux(*) and FreeBSD mainly for 3 reasons: ''curiosity'' Italian University is great for what concerns theory and I have never been meaning that IT technoloies rely upon some image mouse clicking: I wandered what an icon click meant or ..should have meant; ''budget'' because a student budget falls short and piracy is rightly illegal; ''reliability/laziness'' maybe I haven' t been much lucky but my father' s Windows operated computer dispensed too many blue screens, email viruses.. and required too much weekend support. ((*)Debian, well in this very moment Slackware 11)
281.Greg Hill, Key Largo, Florida, USA. Linux user since 1998, Windows and Virus free since 2000. I ditched SuSE after the patent deal and pitched my boxed sets. Way to go, Novell! Now a happy paying customer of Mandriva. Mr. Balmer, you sound more like Darl McBride every day. May you be equally as successful.
282.Dave Merriman, Billings, MT - Running SuSE, Fedora Core, and Kubuntu. Told MS to get stuffed several years ago, and been perfectly happy with Linux since then. C'mon, Microsoft! I dare ya!
283.Juraj Hlinicky, Vienna, Austria. Dear Microsoft, you'll be undoubtedly happy to hear that I'm using Ubuntu 7.04 on my DIY RAID5 NAS, as this adds another Linux user you can sue. Go ahead, knock yourself out!
284.Fabio Rosati, Milan, Italy. I use Gentoo on AMD64 at work, OpenSUSE on the company server since 2004 with NO PROBLEMS at all, Ubuntu/Gentoo on the notebook at home. We also use OpenSUSE on the help desk workstations and now we know.... we don't need Microsoft anymore!
285.Alex Hardman, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Our entire business model uses FOSS to deliver managed services. We use a variety of Linux distros such as fedora, gentoo, and when the customer has wasted their money (in our opinion) SuSE. Which then run a couple of FOSS projects such as XEN, Nagios, CACTI all on top of Apache, Perl, PHP, and MySQL. Oh yeah, and we tried vista on a customer request, but promptly ditched it from all server work after the 12th, yes that does say twelfth, crash the same weekend as installing it. So, yeah, sue me for all that infringement.
286. Mark Jose, Cornwall, UK - Running various distros, main distro currently Kubuntu 7.04. I don't use Microsoft products, full stop. Sorry Bill and Steve, but your OS sucks. Feel free to sue me - I have no money, but there you go! Other "crimes" - I have worked on development of a Linux distro, expose others to free and open source software, I have installed Linux on many machines which came with Microsoft Windows! What a real crook I must be! Forgive me - NOT!
287.AndrFischer, Switzerland, Europe. Running and maintaining various Linux boxes (both servers and desktops) using a mix of SuSE and Ubuntu/Kubuntu. In there, there's also the usual suspects: Apache (also on Windows), OpenOffice, GIMP... Oh and I'm also using a Macintosh - isn't the underlying kernel of that something based off of BSD or am I mistaken? Can Microsoft please sue me especially for that last point? It would make my day. If not, go ahead and sue me for the rest. Also, have fun getting the locations of the offending machines subpoenaed out of me. /grin
288. Sjohn Wolfe, Canada - Running Ubuntu and Redhat hosting vent/website servers and running more open source then paid programs - Making your millions every day... cant even share with people who need it, means you deserve to be downsized.
289.Attila Fazekas, Hungary , Europe . Running Gentoo Linux.
290.Dotan Cohen, Haifa, Israel. I flop flop between Fedora and the *buntus. I currently have Fedora on the Desktop and Ubuntu on the laptop. All my desktops are KDE. I'd like Microsoft to sue me because I've made mistakes and done wrongs in the past, but I've always paid the punishment. I'm an honest guy. If I'm infringing on Microsoft's patents by using open source software, then I _want_ to be held responsible. Note that I don't believe that I'm infringing, otherwise I would stop. But if someone is accusing me, then let them prove it and I'll pay damages and change my ways.
291. Michael LaBont NH, USA. I use Slackware & SME 7.1 on my servers. Ubuntu 7.04 on my machine, which I distributed freely to my family and is on my younger sister's machine also. I use m0n0wall as a firewall and I use a variant of ThinStation for thin clients at work.
292.Mike Pinto, W-S, NC, USA - Currently running SimplyMepis, but have dabbled with many other distros starting with SLS, then Slackware and finally RedHat 5.x - 9.x before moving to Mepis. Open Source allows me to decide how my machine will be used, not some faceless monopoly run by meglomaniacs bent on controlling the world's computers.
293.Brian Kemp, Maryland, USA. I use gNewSense deltad, a FSF-sponsored fork of Ubuntu 6.06. I'm very concerned about having a completely free software stack, free from all sorts of infringements and black-box code. No security vulnerabilities or crippled hardware for me, please. This patent silliness must stop, and I'll take it head on. I hope to be using LinuxBIOS soon (once I find the time).
294.Faisal Puthuparackat, Pune, India. Running and maintaining multiple Linux boxes. Distros used include Ubunutu and Gentoo. Ditched windows in late 1995. Haven't looked back since.
295.Brad Krumme, Cincinnati, OH, USA - I use Gentoo Linux, simply because it's better than Windows.
296.Federico Almada, Cdoba, Argentina. I have Linux on both, desktop and notebook PCs, and since I have left Windows I've got no more BSOD, no more virus, no more spyware... and i just love it! If I am doing something wrong, just sue me...
297.Michael Lam, Ontario, Canada - Ubuntu, Slackware, OpenOffice.org, Wine
298.Filip Kr?ka, T?eb, Czech Republic. I use Fedora, CentOS, Pidgin, Firefox, GNOME Desktop, Liferea, MPlayer, Rhythmbox, OpenOffice, Gnumeric, AbiWord, GNU utilities and hundreds of other
299.Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman, Buenos Aires, Argentina - I became who I am today because of what the FLOSS Community gave me. I've been using, contributing, securing and developing for GNU/Linux since late 1994.
300.Aximon, Arnhem, Netherlands. Happy PHP-programmer Using Ubuntu on notebook ,mediacentre and servers, works for me..
301.Samuel Leathers, Howard, Pennsylvania - Ubuntu, Debian, I run Linux on all my computers. I have never owned a copy of Microsoft Windows; however, sadly I have to admit family members have. I run Ubuntu on all my desktops/media computers/recording computers and run Debian on my servers at multiple houses scattered across Centre County.
302.Ken Johnson, Charlotte, North Carolina, running various flavors of Red Hat 7.3 thru Fedora Core 5 in a Microsoft-free zone. You can do anything with Linux. With Microsoft products, you only do what Microsoft lets you do. 303.Va?ek Stod?lka, Zl, Czech Republic. Fedora 6 / kernel 2.6.20. Firefox, OpenOffice, mplayer with (among others) WMA support - so you can sue me for your priprietary codecs too.
304.Mary Richert, Maryland, USA - Debian. We run Linux on multiple systems at home. I use it because I like to learn stuff, fancy that! And I can do everything I need to do without Windows.
305.S. Kellar, S.E. Michigan - Hey Microsoft! I have been using SUSE Linux since release 6. After release 7 I have installed not only this fine OS one one computer, not two, and not even three, but four. With release 9, I reduced the space occupied by Windows XP and put in SuSE Linux so now I can boot either SuSE Linux or Windows XP (which is hardly used any more). I have even downloaded Fedora Core 6 to try that out as well. You know what really will make you sick Microsicky? Using the CDs I made after downloading SuSE Linux 10.2, is that I upgraded all my machines using that one set of CDs! Oh but you will love this - I also upgraded several machines, that were running Windows, that I do not own to others using that same set of CDs! You know there is one problem though - I can't reproduce the 200 page manual I got when I bought a boxed version of SuSE Linux. I got the boxed version just to get the printed manual. People were shocked that an OS had such a large manual when purchased. They all wondered why Microsoft couldn't come up with something like this? Now I looking to download other Linux distributions to try them out. Since you (MickySoft and Novell) are in cahoots with each other, I'm looking to see which other Linux distribution is as good if not better than SuSE. And one who won't deal with the devil.
306.Irene "fog" Grammatika, Greece. Using linux for 7 years. Ubuntu, Gnome, firefox and many many more. Safe, stable, open and free.
307.Erika Nilsson, UK/Sweden - I had Gentoo running parallell with Windows XP on my desktop computer until XP made it crash. Atm, I'm running OpenOffice and various other open-source programs on XP - that is, until I have a free weekend to install Gentoo on my laptop. There's no forgiveness for me.
308.Mark A Fonnemann, Rhode Island, USA - Fedora, RHEL - I use Fedora at home and RHEL at work. GNU/Linux user since '99. 309.Guruh Irianto, Papua, Indonesia. I have been using Linux, on and off, since 1996 and it just couple months ago I switched to Ubuntu and never look back. Microsoft and their cronies are welcome to sue me for using a free and open source alternative of their system.
310.Jonathan Cunningham, San Antonio, Texas, United States of America. I have used Ubuntu Linux since 2004. Put those deep pockets to work Microsoft. Sue me.
311.Clay Ashby, Holland, Michigan, I use mostly Ubuntu 7.04. It was easier to get Microsoft Codec's on Ubuntu than it was on my Windows XP box(used only for games). If the gaming companies would also include more regularly Linux based games Microsoft would die. The game market is a HUGE share of the $$.
312.Timo Hovens, The netherlands, running Debian Etch for my 64 bit game server, because Microsoft really doesn't give me everything need for free, and let's admit it, 64 bit under windows is just plain bad.
313.Ronnie Redd, California, USA. I use Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Redhat, MySQL, Postgres,PHP, Gnome, KDE, TheGimp and OpenOffice.org, for work & play. I am an MSP (x4), MCDBA, CIWP (x3), CIWMD, etc. I have been the Windows computer expert everywhere I've worked. I now have personally converted 10 people to Ubuntu, Debian and FreeBSD for Servers, Workstations and Laptops in the last year. Hell hath no fury like an MCP scorned! I am working on a web site for Linux (mainly Ubuntu) http://www.cruzit.com and it is running on an Ubuntu Server. If you visit it, you will pass through a FreeBSD firewall on your way. So, M$, maybe you should sue me first, before I start the class action lawsuit against you first, for slanderous statements that cause a potential loss of wages and earnings.
314.Ond?ej Koz, Plze?, Czech Republic. openSuSE 10.2, KDE, OpenOffice.org, Mplayer, Amarok, K3b, Krusader and so...
315.Stian Rdven Eide, Trondheim, Norway. I use Free Software, mostly Ubuntu. Feel free to sue me for doing so.
316.Justin Parrott, Cincinnati OH, USA. I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my work laptop and my personal laptop and I have been using Linux for 7 years. I also use Open Office instead of Microsoft office for all of my word processing / spreadsheet needs. I can connect wirelessly, connect to a cisco vpn network, and enjoy multimedia and games all on my open source operating system which according to Microsoft I am using illegally. SUE ME!
317.Javier Maestre, Madrid, Spain. Gentoo linux desktop, and Kubuntu on the laptop.
318.Robert C. McGhee Jr. - Asheville, NC - I have systems running Kubuntu & Slax, because Linux is the international all you can eat buffet of operating systems, while M$ Windoze is more like McD's. Adapt or Die Microsoft!
319.Nicol Alvargonzez, Cdoba, Argentina. Suck me Microsoft... er, I mean sue me Microsoft
320.Attila Szasz, Budapest, Hungary. undernetangel [at] gmail [dot] com. I use Fedora Core 6 with GNOME, OpenOffice.org and so.
321.Miroslav Cika, Hamilton, Canada. Debian GNU/Linux on 4 computers. One of them P1-233 running my homemade CNC machine. True advance in future lies in free exchange of information. Therefore, go GNU/Linux/BSD/freedom! Plus, I'm Serbian. It would be good to destroy those pesky Serbs once and for all by suing them...Not to mention getting free beaver skins from True North :)
322.David Friedrich, Eppelheimerstrasse 52A, Heidelberg, Deutschland. Microsoft sues against honesty and freedom, eh
323.Andrew Simkovsky, Miami, FL. Primary Workstation: Fedora Core 6, contains several virtual machines with Damn Small Linux, CentOS, Knoppix, and others. Use FOSS for just about everything, including: standard desktop usage (email, web surfing), video editing, music library, television DVR, picture editing, work remotely for my job, etc, etc. The only machine in my house with Windows is a laptop given to me by my company. It's in the case sitting under my desk at home being used as a foot rest. Please sue me for stepping on Microsoft! For those who don't get it, we're not the ones with the bluff. We are calling Microsoft's bluff! http://www.google.com/patents?as_pasgnee=microsoft
324.Brian King, St Louis, MO. LAMP, OpenOffice, Firefox. Windows what???
325.Szabolcs Parragh, Budapest, Hungary. parszab [attt] dayka [dottt] hu -- Fedora/Ubuntu/OpenOffice.org etc.
326.Celis Vincent, Belgium, Europe - Gentoo Linux user
327.Machado, Rodrigo da Costa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. OMG! I use Slackware, Ubuntu and Kurumin. I also use OpenOffice, Firefox and Thunderbid. I also encourage other people to do the same. Please Microsoft, sue me!
328.Alessandro Proscia, Domodossola (Vb), Italy. Debian GNU/Linux, Openoffice.org, etc.. If you want to sue too me...
329.Thiago Cangussu, S Paulo, Brazil. Debian 4, Slackware 10.2, openSUSE 10.1, Slax 6.0rc3 on 1 computer, Damn Small Linux on another. Debian user since 2002. GNU/Linux user since 2000. Running Xfce 4.4, OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Thunderbird and other free GTK based softwares. I am a volunteer to be sueed by Microsoft, however, I need to know what patents ara involved in my infrigement. If you (Microsoft) can say it for us, sue me.
330.Petr Medonos, Prague, Czech Republic, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS
331.Marcelo Penna Guerra, Brasia, DF, Brazil. Gentoo Linux.
332.Kenny Deeg, Phoenix AZ. Ubuntu Feisty Suck it, MS.
333.Robert van Reems, Holland, Europe - Ubuntu Linux, firefox, OpenOffice user
334.K.V. Krishnamurthy, Mumbai, India. I use Ubuntu 5.10 and Xubuntu 6.10 on my desktop. Soon gonna migrate to Ubuntu 7.04. Started using linux with RedHat 9.0 and Fedora Core-1 onwards. I challenge Microsoft's claim. Show us the code.
335.Martin Fejt, Czech republic - Prague. I use open SUSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office.org. This software I download for 0$. And software from Microsoft?
336.John Scott, Northern Ireland. I initially got fed up with being treated like a criminal every time I wanted to reinstall my (legal) copy of windows. Then came the added Dgital Restrictions Management of Vista, and I decided I was done with Microsoft forever. I now use Ubuntu Linux on all my computers - they perform far better, AND I get a warm fuzzy feeling because I'm no longer supporting the Evil Empire.
337.Lawrence Anderson, Vancouver WA, USA. Ubuntu Dapper - I am immensely pleased and I do not regret leaving Windows behind. I left the Microsoft COA on the back of my machine after I upgraded to Ubuntu just as a cruel irony.
338.Gervasio Pez, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Kubuntu 7.04, Great desktop environment! And about gaming... Now I can WINE Oblivion! Eat that, Winsucks! No more dual boots for me!
339.Jose M. Gomez, Spain. Proudly using Arch Linux and even encouraging more people to do the same.
340.Andrew Call,California. I started using Ubuntu Edgy Eft about 6 months ago.I started using Ubuntu and dropped Windows because I got tired of the annoying Microsoft security alerts, the ads,the spyware,etc--"help make office better!"--and I'm glad I changed, because things are much easier for me now to work.Show us the code Microsoft.
341.Brian C. Dilley, Canoga Park CA. Ubuntu and Debian. I've got 4 co-located servers, and two servers in my home, both running versions of debian that i've hax0red in a way that better suits me (oh, and I illegally downloaded this patented software from the internet). Along with the Debian machines, I've got 2 Ubuntu based workstations that i have pirated opensource software installed on to listen to MP3s, watch XviD, play America's Army, write and compile C/C++ code, etc. All of these are probably extremely illegal activities I'm sure, please sue ME first as I'm so obviously a huge pirate/hax0r/patent infringer
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