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Journal Flamesplash's Journal: Best Podcast Ever: Science Lab 2

Science doesn't have a good PR department, but there are a few things working for it. One I partake of regularly is a podcast called Radio Lab. It's an hourly show put out by WNYC. Sadly it has very short season. Season Three just started and there are only 10 episodes before it.

Radio Lab describes their show as "science bumps into culture," I would add that it's like a This American Life for science stuff. I highly recommend each of you, yes you!, give it a try. The only warning I will give is that earlier episodes can be a bit over stylistic to some; it grew on me, but some don't like it at all.

One of the things I learned on the last episode that kinda wowed me was that Placebos can have a Placebo effect. The color of your placebo changes it's effect. For sleeping pills, blue is a better placebo than orange, except for Italian men. The reason given? The Italian mens soccer team is named Azzurri which most likely subconsciously conjures excitement in Italian men.

Ok, I'll give you another. Your situation affects how you feel pain or not. Soldiers in war will feel lees pain from a gun shot than a civilian. It's theorized this is because the soldier subconsciously builds a story that they'll live, have a comfy stay at a hospital, get to go home, get a medal, a pension, and maybe even a parade. Where you and me, when we get shot there's no good story in our future.

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Best Podcast Ever: Science Lab

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  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    You might also be interested in the podcast version of Quirks & Quarks, the weekly science show on CBC Radio One. It's always fascinating and fun. (sorry, too lazy right now to search for the URL for you :-)

    They had a whole episode on the placebo effect a while back (in the past year?). It's important to note that the placebo effect is not all in one's head. The placebo effect causes actual physical healing that is measurable separate from the patient's perception of how well they are feeling. That's wh

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