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Journal christian.einfeldt's Journal: Page 01 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list

This is a copy of page 01 of the DTP "Sue me first, Microsoft" list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft to prove its questionable patent claims in court.

1. Christian Einfeldt, einfeldt at digitaltippingpoint.com . I am using Edgy Ubuntu and SuSE 10.0 to capture, compress, and upload the footage for the Digital Tipping Point film to the Internet Archive. I also use SuSE 10.2 and Mepis 6.5 in my law practice.
2. Graham Houston, I am using Gentoo and RedHat Linux to create applications for Linux only, the OS of today! I spend my free time converting Windows users to alternate enviroments. zipie.net
3. Mathew Enders I use Kubuntu 7.04, Debian (testing), DSL the first one as my desktop environment and the other 2 for network and PC troudle shooting.
4. SZERVÁC Attila - hungarian [http://debian.org Debian ] l10n coordinator
5. Dave, from New Zealand. I use Ubuntu 7.04. I am doing my anual 'Linux-challenge' to see if I can do without Windows. And the answer is: Yes, I can. All the 'linux problems' are actually problems with restricted APIs etc. For example Direct3D. Without silly rocks in the road like Microsoft, computers could really develop much faster and be free and intuitive for everyone. Remember, poor people have good ideas too!
6. Tim Small tim@buttersideup.com - I use Debian 4.0 (Etch), and various other Linux distributions, Samba, OpenOffice, MySQL, DSPAM, postfix and hundreds of other FLOSS programs, both at home, and as part of my business - http://www.seoss.co.uk
7. Jonathan Woffenden. I use Ubuntu (6.10 and 7.04) for desktops and FreeBSD for servers for independent software development. I use OSS because it gets the job done better than competing products once you get to know it. I first started using it because I refuse to support corporations with corrupt business practices by furthering their market share.. 8. Simon Leonard. Northcote, Victoria Australia. My Wife and I use Ubuntu 7.04 at home for study, work, email, web browsing and audio production. I welcome any attempt by Microsoft to sue me for patent infingement. I use sudo frequently. 9. Kiran Kuppa ( India ). I use Linspire on my notebook, which came with XP Home edition pre installed. Never looked back since then.
10. Paul Cooke (England). I use Ubuntu on all my machines for web browsing, music creation/recording (play Bass Guitar), playing DVDs with (sue me RIAA for using DECss)
11. Joe Nayares (Modesto,CA)I use KateOS a Slackware offshoot and PCLinuxOS a Red Hat variant for my personal use and enjoyment, also to further my education. I also at one time used MS products.y the convicted monopolist; There are far better computing platforms than the ones offered by them.I also challenge Microsoft to show whatever evidence they have, in a court of law just like their crony SCO is trying to do, maybe they will fare better.
12. Chris Puttick (UK) I use Ubuntu on all my home machines, SuSE and Ubuntu on machines at work, install Ubuntu and SuSE on machines for friends and relatives and am migrating the company to open source including OpenOffice. I also sudo a lot...
13. Jean Hollis Weber (Queensland, Australia). I use Ubuntu on two computers in my home office, as well as using OpenOffice.org and many other FOSS programs. I also sudo a lot...
14. Ian Lynch (UK) I use Ubuntu personally and we run our business website on a LAMP stack provided by a service provider (not sure which distro). We are a UK government accredited awarding body specialising in qualifications that support learning how to become self-sufficient in IT using freely available tools and internet based social communities. Freedom goes hand in hand with education. www.theINGOTs.org
15. Mikhail Gusarov (RU). Debian. http://dottedmag.net/ for contacts.
16. Lewis Mettler (US, Calif) I use Linux exclusively since 1995 or so when Microsoft began to violate the federal antitrust laws. Best move I ever made. Distributions used: Xandros 1.0, xandros 3, Xandros 4 and others. Also developing an investment analysis application that will be available exclusively on Linux. I also have copies of Mandrake, Red Hat and Ubuntu as well as SuSE(no longer used) lamlaw.com
17. Jenda Vanura (CZ) jenda at ubuntu dot com - I use Ubuntu on all the machines available to me and strongly prefer to use Free and Open Source Software over Proprietary alternatives. I happen to use sudo frequently, too. I believe I've been using it even before it was patented.
18. Jonathan Kaye (Girona, Spain). I use Debian Lenny (testing) on two machines: 1 desktop and one laptop. I use it for both home and professional (academic) purposes.
19. Vicent Martí (Altea, Spain). I use Debian Lenny on my server machine, Ubuntu Feisty in my desktop.
20. Benjamin Diele (Gent, Belgium). I use Kubuntu 7.04 because it allows me to do what i want to do with it.
21. Joseph Price (West Mids, England). I use Ubuntu 7.10 and would like to think I have made many other "converts" to free and open source software.
22. Alain Williams (Watford, England). I use CentOS 4 & 5, Fedora 6 & 7. I am a Linux consultant and have customers who run various versions of: RedHat, CentOS, SuSE, Debian & Ubuntu Linux. These customers range from small business to large law firms, from secondary colleges to city councils. I have helped various friends and relations install Linux on many different machines. I am chairman of the United Kingdom Unix User Group.
23. Ana Aparicio (London, England). I use Ubuntu for work and personal use; at work(an Internet Service Provider) we encourage people to use Firefox, Thunderbird and as much FOSS as possible. At home I use GIMP, Audacity, Nvu, OpenOffice ... I give trainings for people to use these programs on Windows too.
24. Chris Fernandez/BinaryFreedom (Boston, US). I'm the founder of binaryFreedom we are a group of FreeSoftware/Digital Freedoms activist from around the world fighting for ethical freedom on the digital age, We use gNewSense, Ututo...
25. Ringo Kamens (Centennial, CO, US). I help with BinaryFreedom. I use OpenOffice, VLC, Ubuntu, Gnewsense, Gaim, and a variety of other programs that don't infringe on your patents. I also distribute GNU/Linux to other users and like long walks on the beach. Contact info for a lawsuits available by emailing me: 2600denver@gmail.com
26. Norbert Bollow (Zurich, Switzerland). I use GNU/Linux because it's user-friendly. (Any software which doesn't come with full source code certainly isn't user-friendly.) Currently using Gentoo, although considering switching to another distro. Contact info at http://bollow.ch/
27. Sean Jensen (London, England). I use Gentoo Linux and exclusively FOSS tools (from awk to x11 and everything in between) to write experimental speech and natural language processing prototypes. And for music. And other fun stuff. No, Microsoft, you did not invent any of this. It ain't yours, it ain't mine, it ain't theirs. It's ours. All of ours.
28. Peter H. Salus (Toronto, Canada). I use RedHat and Fedora (as well as OS X). I am a computer historian and active propagendist for -X and all Unix descendants.
29. Frantisek Fecko (Slovakia). I use Arch Linux on my desktop as well as laptop. I also use quite often OpenOffice.org because it is FOSS and has OpenDocument (ODF) as the default file format.
30. Andrew Meredith (Wiltshire, England). I use mainly Fedora Core and RHEL. I help small businesses into and along with the use of Open Source. My personal laptops (a series of Dells) have been purely Linux, no dual booting, for the best part of 10 years. I use OpenOffice for all desktop productivity work. I have but one XP machine for running the accounts package and nothing else. It would make me very happy if the usual 400 pound Gorillas stopped abusing the patent system like this.
31. Richard Rothwell (Stourbridge, England) - richard at caliban dot org dot uk. I mainly use Debian, Pupppy Linux and *Ubuntu. I run a Community Interest Company (http://m6-it.org/) which provides Free Software solutions for community and voluntary organisations and the education sector. Free Software bridges all sorts of digital divides, patents would merely disadvantage these groups even further.
32. Joe Grigg (Kalamazoo MI, US) I have used Ubuntu and Vector linux since XP's security left me sickened, and Microsoft's business practices made me ashamed to own a computer. I now run a lamp server and develop professional websites on lamp servers, and am 100% MS free.
33. Travis Rose (Riverside, CA) I use MythTV on my tv at home, as well as vectorlinux on my powervault systems. SUE ME.
34. Michael Fischer (Lexington, KY US) Currently Ubuntu 7.04 is the flavor of choice on my laptop. Otherwise I use Clarkconnect for my home router, and Ubuntu 6.10 on my desktop. I use Linux because IT needs to be fun again!
35. Callum Jones (Australia) - I use openSuSE as my primary desktop, Fedora on my server and even my set-top box runs Linux! Microsoft is loosing ground to Linux businesses, they are just scared!
36. Hio Chao (Tucson, AZ) I bought a new laptop with Vista pre-installed and I have ubuntu installed on my secondary drive. I found ubuntu runs so much faster and it only take a fraction of the power of what is needed to run Vista. I was a 100% percent MS user for over 10 years and after trying Ubuntu for 1 week, now I use Lunix to perform 90% of all my tasks. SUE ME.
37. Sunil Abraham (Bangalore, India) Manager of IOSN.NET, Director of MAHITI.ORG. Ubuntu Linux user.
38. Justin Alex (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Student in RMIT Bachelor's of Computer Science of Taylor's College. Currently running on OpenSuSE 10.2, and mainly use this distro for most of my work, and somehow it performs better than Windows XP itself. So, I'm sticking to this!
39. Scott Soto (Salem, WI) zaipai@yahoo.com I use Ubuntu 7.04 and use it for work and for home, because I like freedom and dislike Microsoft's business practices!
40. Stefan Neagu (Bucharest, Romania) I use Ubuntu and Fedora Core for daily tasks. I love Unix because it's clean, secure, and has better performance on older systems. I still have a grey box with Windows Vista, mainly so I can play games in my spare time. Why don't game developers support Unix? Why can't I run Office 2007? I'm at ClaimID profile for Stefan Neagu
41. Matt Butner (San Francisco, CA) I use Ubuntu. I ran Linux before I worked for MSFT and while I worked for Microsoft. It works. Windows doesn't -- please feel free to sue me.
42. Ricardo Zamora (Mexico City, Mexico) I use Ubuntu 7.04 and Yellow Dog for work and home, installed Open Office on my relatives's grey boxes
43. Rich Simpson (Berkeley, CA) I use Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Yellow Dog, and much open source software...
44. Andrew Gibbons (Dub, Ireland) I run windows but that is going to change soon, but I only use free software (GIMP, Audacity, Python, Celtx etc.) Take your best shot Microsoft
45. (Fairbanks, AK) Ubuntu, Gentoo, Centos, Fedora, Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux, Redhat, and Debian Stable (Sarge). I currently use Ubuntu 7.04 at home and on my laptop, and Gentoo at work.
46. Alexandru Bucur (Bucharest, Romania) I use Frugalware Linux and i can do all the nifty things you can do in Vista + much more. Take that :).
47. Gabriel Anderson (Shoreline, WA) I use Gentoo Linux for everything! It does everything I could ever need!!! It's fast, reliable, and better then crappy Windows Vista!!!
48. Martin Kowalski ( Netherlands) I use Ubuntu and OpenOffice and Apache as my server.
49. Rex Hayward (esperance .australia) wonderdog@bordernet.com.au "ubuntu edgy 6.10 user & ubuntu feisty fawn 7.04. sabayon linux,zenwalk linux,open office and outher open source software installed.
50. Jezreel Gil (United States) I use a lot of open source pretty much a lot of useless games and utilities for sourceforge.net. Especially the completely free Open Office which saves me from buying some over-priced Palladium infested ware
51. Ercan Ozkaya (Turkey) I'm using Ubuntu Feisty for my daily routine tasks and for development. I love oss, I trust oss and I took my guard against M$. Sue me please, as hard as you can. :)
52. Koh Choon Lin (Singapore) gNewSense. Executive Director of the Singapore GNU Group. I invite Microsoft to come clean with their patents and stop threatening to sue users of free software.
53. Rajiv Srinivasa (UK) I use Ubuntu (Fiesty) on my laptop and OpenSUSE 10.2 on my desktop. I use nothing else. If something can't be run on Linux, it doesn't get used!
54. Craig Gilding (UK) I use Ubuntu 7.04 (Fiesty Fawn) on my laptop, and will be using it on my computer once I fix it. Microsoft can try to sue me for all I care. I spend about 20% of my free time dishing out Ubuntu CD's to friends and shouting about it on IRC getting people to switch from windoze and helping them out.
55. Pierre Poissinger (Belgium) - pierre.poissinger(at)gmail.com - I use Gentoo and Ubuntu on my laptops. Additionally, My wifi router, my wifi phone and even my GPS device are also using GNU/Linux.. So sue me...
56. I use Ubuntu 7.04. Microsoft should either put up or shut up on this issue, they are simply acting like school yard bullies. Additionally, this wiki list is a NIGHTMARE, can anyone get a better system in place?
57. Marian Laschober (Austria) I'm using Slackware 11.0 on my Laptop and 10.2 on my FTP-Server for nearly 2 years now. Microsoft can sue me as much as they like for that, I'm not going back...
58. Ryan Gentle (UK) - ryan at kanashimi.co.uk - I use various iterations of Linux, including RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian - amongst other things, and have successfully converted 4 SME's to a fully Linux based operation :). Sue me, please 59. Dr W Hunter Blair, (Nova Scotia, Canada). I have been using Ubuntu on my laptop and desktop since the Distro started. At work I use SuSe for our medical records network. It was a great thrill ripping XP off my laptop and finding that Ubuntu found and used all the hardware of my HP product. Sue me Microsft if you wish!!
60. Syamsul Anuar Abd Nasir (Malaysia). I am an IT Administrator. I run Ubuntu at my work laptop, Debian and PCLinuxOS for my home PC Desktops and Debian for my office server. I also successfully converts some of my friend to Linux from the very fragile Windows OS.
61. Jean Zundel (France). I've been using GNU/Linux systems since the 1.0 code freeze (on Slackware). It's my sole operating system now at home and at work (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SLES, OpenSuSE). So, Microsoft, you want to play the patent war game? Even in countries where software patents are still unenforceable? I say, bring it on!
62. Grant Brunner (Delaware, USA). grantbrunner at gmail.com - I use Linux on all of my aging computers. Currently, I am using Ubuntu 6.04. I also use OpenOffice on my Windows machine, and NeoOffice on my Mac.
63. Wenshu Liu (China P.R.C) I use Ubuntu feisty with my laptop, several of my colleages use Ubuntu too.
64. D. Marton (London, United Kingdom) Our entire family uses unbuntu for home and business because we were tired of the problems with windows, constantly needing reformatted, internet safety being a joke, the big-business antitrust lawsuits etc...and when I saw that installing unbuntu lead to immediate use (unlike windows requiring drivers, antivirus, and disablement of all the crap no one needs) we never looked back - and never will.
65. Jan Wedekind (Sheffield, UK). I am a software developer and it is well known that it is not possible to develop a decent piece of software without violating a couple of software patents. It's high time that the governments stop acting in the interest of large companies and put an end to this ongoing abuse of power.
66. Duane Attaway(USA) I am using Gentoo and Ubuntu, because I favor the utility of a computing device and do not find Consumer Entertainment Devices rather interesting or particularly useful. Sue me for not being a willing customer.
67. Douglas McAlpine (UK), I am using debian 4.0 (Etch) for my computing needs - its made my WindowsXPpro install redundant.
68. Larry Labre (Canada) Currently using Ubuntu(Feisty) but always investigating other distros. SOHO business owner; I empower all around me to explore alternative solutions such as those found in the various 'nix flavors. The MS "runaway train" must be de-railed to promote diversity in the computing community. More Power to Mr. Torvalds!
69. RYAN LESTER!!! (USA) I just recently stopped using Ubuntu Edgy on my laptop, because my laptop is new and doesn't work very well with Linux (tu sabes...). I am currently using OpenOffice on Windows. Also, on my desktop, I have Ubuntu Edgy and MythTV installed. The Blotch Knows... http://ryanism.co.nr
70. Earl Yoo (USA) I am using OpenOffice.org 2.0, GIMP 2, and Mozilla Firefox 2.0 for Microsoft Windows XP Student Professional. OpenOffice performs highly effectively by getting all of my data entry done. Why should I go out and pay a whole shizload of money for software because of this patent? I stopped using Internet Explorer a few years ago, after realizing all those pop-outs will never go away. It's so hard to get rid of that annoying and trashy thing off my computer forever! Sue me Microsoft for being a traitor!
71. Samuel Vanderplancke (Brussels, Belgium) I use only open source software. My main computer works on Ubuntu and my other computer runs all kind of Linux versions where I do testing with. I even create my own free software: http://kamiware.org and at my work I distribute CD's with Ubuntu to get people converted to the bright site of life
72. Alejandro Matos (Lima, Peru) amatos at gmail dot com I use Debian Lenny for...well, everything, The Gimp, OpenOffice 2.2, Wine for games (if any) and more...
73. Andrew McCollum (Washington, USA) hack124x768 at yahoo.com dot com I've been using strictly linux (Ubuntu & Slackware) for a year now. Never going back.
74. Charlie(urf) sp4mdis ampersat linuxmail fullstop organisation. Etch, ubuntu, freeBSD. I'm skint as anything, so it'll be a hilariously pointless waste of the resources that they have 'acquired' from the rest of the human race to sue me. I hope to cause them much more financial and political damage than anyone ever could merely by pirating their substandard, bloated, corporate, proprietary bloatware.
75. Nicholas Keller (Dallas, TX) I am a Fedora fan boy with some Gentoo dabbling. I like to install Linux on all sorts of hardware; from game consoles to multi core nodes in high performance clusters. 76. Kenneth Klein (Clarksville, TN) digital-adumbration.net I'm using FreeBSD 6.1 on my Laptop and Ubuntu 6.10 on my Work computer and at home on my personal desktop. Have been for years now. Microsoft can sue me as much as they like for that, I'm not going back... You can stop one, but you'll never stop us all. Sue me.
77. James Wright, Uxbridge, United Kingdom. I'm using Ubuntu Fesity Fawn (7.04), and trying to get FreeBSD 6.2 working on my IBM eSeres server. I also use Debian and OpenBSD for webservers. Sue me if you like, I'm a student and my loan is only just enough to cover living expenses; could I interest you in my large collection of assorted assignemnts I have ignored?
78. Matthew Edmondson UK I use Ubuntu and Debian Etch and a bunch of FOSS under OsX. http://www.m6-it.org. I have worked hard to become free of having to use Microsoft at all and I am very happy.
79. Matthias Kruk (Duisburg, Germany) [http://www.open-im.org open-im.org] I'm using either xubuntu edgy or debian sarge on all my machines: My desktop, my laptop, my fileserver, router and cluster. I'm also successfully encouraging others to use free software.
80. Kyle Francoeur, (South Carolina, USA) I currently use Red Hat Enterprise at work and Ubuntu Feisty at home. Sue me if you wish, you'll find the only thing I have to offer is my used copy of Windows XP in addition to my Linux disks.
81. John Williams, (London, England) I use Ubuntu 7.07 (Ubuntu Studio) for my desktop as well as regular distributions of Ubuntu (Feisty) for all laptops in my home (4 of them). Sue me if you want my huge collection of Open Source software, maybe you could use some of it? no? okay then.
82. Christopher Gilbert, (New Jersey, US). Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, on an HP 8110US Pavilion Laptop. I have been forced to purchase a Windows XP License with the purchase of my laptop. As a consumer this is unreasonable. I do not use your software. I am an IT guy and have grown tired of spending my life fixing your get-rich-quick scheme. Moving to Linux and OSS in general has been amazing, and while a little more difficult to get up and running, all and all, it has proven to be more reliable, stable, and functional. The only reason that it has been so difficult getting some of the features up and running is due to the politics and FUD that has come with your "reign" in the software sector. This is _the_ definitive piece of evidence that your tactics are not in the spirit of simple "preservation of your business", but in fact you are determined to stifle technological advance unless you are controlling the industry. I, for one, choose to beat to my own drum.
83. Urban Tepina, (Slovenia,EU) [http://knedl.keewee.si], I'm using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and Ubuntu studio, for years I wanted to get away from Windows and it's unsecure system and then I found linux with which I can almoust do everything on it without fear of crashing it, I mostly use it for regular everyday thing, apart from graphic design and video editing.
84. John Moyer, (Sarnia, ON Canada) http://www.imroot.net I use Ubuntu 7.04 on a Pentium D820 server and a AMD AthlonX2 4000 workstation. I work for one of the largest pc repair groups in the world which is windows centric. Also I run the website linked above from the linux server at home. It's much easier to run a server from home using linux then using IIS. Since changing to linux I'm refocusing my career on the lpic1 and lpic2 certs and Ubuntu certified professional. I believe that open source provides more freedom for us as users and developers then MS products. I also believe that MS is going to start pulling out all the plugs to protect their empire and we must prepare to battle MS and secure os, software and hardware freedom for the masses. As Yoda would say, "The wars of the OS begun they have!":)
85. Cláudio da Silveira Pinheiro, (Fortaleza, CE Brazil) [http://kopete.kde.org/team.php] I use Ubuntu 7.04 on two machines, an Athlon64 and a Sempron, both as desktops for my family members as personal workstations for free software development. I work as a freelancer software developer, mostly coding C, C++ and Java on Linux, and I suggest Linux and Free Software (according to FSF's definition) wherever I can, to friends, clients and business partners.
86. Adrian Van (Semenyih, Malaysia) a href="http://www.ultimatelair.com">ultimatelair.com I run at least 7 servers (both personally and at work) ranging from Fedora Core 5 and Fedora Core 6. These machines work as my web server, mail server, file server, database server & FTP server. I've also flashed a commercial SOHO router to use Linux (DD-WRT). I may have to use M$ WinXP for my games and certain office apps, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.
87. Indranil Das Gupta (Kolkata, India) [http://indradg.randomink.org/blog]. I'm using Ubuntu 6.10 on my primary laptop. Rest of my systems (mostly IBM xSeries Servers) run Ubuntu 7.04, RHEL 4.0 WS, Fedora Core 4 and 6. My day job consists of running a start-up that helps non-profits, educational institutions and govt. departments to migrate to F/OSS infra-structure.
88. Denis Howe (London, UK) [http://foldoc.org/] denis dot howe at gmail - Mandriva on FOLDOC web servers, Ubuntu 6.10 on my desktop, used for web development and Perl programming.
89. Justin Brooks (Bristol, UK) Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7 on older PCs ( 90. Declan Naughton (Ireland) rPath Linux, because I'm very interested in it's package management. I look forward to switching to gNewSense, and running on ''completely'' free as in freedom software. piratepenguin at gmail dot com 91. Thomas Downing (US) Slackware by preference, RHEL for job. I am the software architect at my company, and have been instrumental in our movement to GNU/Linux as our strategic platform for all new products. thomas downing at ipc dot com
92. Sassan Panahinejad (UK) Use Kubuntu and suse on several machines, attempting to develop new distro IBLS. Develop and provide help in the form of feedback to many open source projects. Advise just about everyone I meet to switch from their windows systems (mainly pirated) to open source software. [[User:Ico2|Ico2]]
93. Josh Nobles (Moultrie, GA) My wife and I currently use Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop and DSL on several old computers. Previously, I had used Mandrake (Mandriva) since 1997 when I first heard about Linux. Wiped off my Windows and have never looked back. By the way, I run a computer repair business. I promote Linux to others, and quite successfully, too. It's funny, I never have to fix Linux computers--just the people who use Windows. My wife and I are students, and have had no problem using OpenOffice.org programs for our assignments. theformerprophet at gmail dot com or josh at alterna-tech dot com.
94. Bodo Gabor Miklos (Bucharest, Romania) I'm using Suse 10.2, for my everyday work, Gnucash, Openoffice and all the package. I have to use M$Win at my job, so I see the difference.
95. Igor Naverniouk (Toronto, Canada; shygypsy.com) I'm using Kubuntu on my desktop and my laptop. Like any self-respecting programmer, I'm avoiding the buggy, bloated idiot-oriented Winblows in favour of an actual operating system. So sue me first, Microsoft.
96. Joe Llywelyn Griffith Blakesley http://blakesley.eu/ (Wales, UK). I use a variety of distros, mainly Debian and Ubuntu, no longer use Microsoft Windows and often help convert others to using Free software.
97. Christopher Parker (Massachusetts, US). I'm a member of Binary Freedom and an associate member of the Free Software Foundation. I currently use gNewSense as my desktop/laptop distribution, vanilla Debian (minus the non-free repos) as my server distribution, and OpenWrt as my router distribution. I repair computers as a hobby (and sometimes professionally), and help people switch from proprietary software to free software whenever I can. I can be contacted via e-mail or Jabber at cparker -at- binaryfreedom -dot- info.
98. Carroll S Vance (Texas, US). Im using Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop and Gentoo with a hardened toolchain on my laptop. I first tried ubuntu 2 years ago, and have never used another OS since. I switched for the software quality, and the philosophy of the community and freedom (as in freedom ;]) I have found open source software much more robust and dependable than the proprietary counterparts. Sue me! My email is st00n3r@gmail.com, for further information on how you can locate the person to sue, email me! (However my email client(evolution) might be infringing your IP ;]. Now we wouldnt want that would we)
99. DJ Walker (Texas, US). I'm using Linux, but i've never liked microsoft for certain reasons. Lets take them down for good.
100. BE Pieters (Germany). I have used various linux distribution since 2000, currently I am using Fedora. As a scientist I value freely sharing of knowlege, as learning from other people is what gets you ahead, both personally aswell as science in general. Certainly in fast developing technologies patents tend to stall development. A fast technological development means there is much for everyone to learn, thus sharing gets us all ahead in terms of technological development. Inevidably a monopoly like MS only see more $'s as progress and therefore have no regard for the expense paid by the community as a whole in terms of the stalling of technological development.
101. Patrik Willard (Sweden). I am a happy student running Ubuntu on my laptop, which I use in my studies and for my personal stuff. In my spare/school time I enjoy helping people see the light that is GNU/Linux.
102. Mike Rea (Us/New York Age 14) I have been converted over the passed year by the fellow below me. I have switched over to entirely all open source. Firefox, Audacity, ClamWin, GAIM/Pidgin, GIMP, K-meleon, Openoffice.org Truecrypt, and countless other pieces of software. I have been trying to get rid of the monopoly ridden 15 GB beast XP off my computer and to switch to Mandriva or Ubuntu.
103. Travis Beatty (US/New York. Age 14) I have almost used everyone Linux Distro known to man including,Mandriva, Debian GNu/Linux, Fedora Core, LFS, Desktop-BSD, PC-BSD, HURD, Zenwalk, MEPIS, slampp, absolute, backtrack, Musix, INsert, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, UBCD. Also the following software,, Audacity, ClamWin,Firefox, FileZilla client/server, Apache, Foxit, GAIM/Pidgin, GIMP, K-meleon,Openoffice.org, Truecrypt. I also speak for my friend above...No one ****s with Linux users, we're all ages.
104. Jake Wasdin (Southeastern USA) - All of my systems use free operating systems including PC-BSD, MEPIS Linux, and Debian GNU/Linux, except for one system that has Windows on one partition. When I am there I use the opensource shell replacement bb4win and no propietary software except for the .NET libraries for the opensource Paint.NET. My parents refuse to switch over to Linux so they're on Windows, but I have them using the GIMP, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org, and Miranda IM. I've also converted quite a few friends to Mozilla Firefox and/or Kubunutu Linux.
105. [http://www.signedlongint.com Cody Maden] (Florida, USA) - I have been an open source developer for years and use open-source software as much as possible. Nearly 100% of the software I've written has been released under some form of OSS license, usually the GPL. In addition, I also release my music under the creative commons license.
106. Richard Seese (Ohio, USA) - I have made a social networking site from scratch using all open source development. My server is ran on Fedora, while my desktop PC's in the office are all Ubuntu. http://www.geekalize.com (Check the domain whois for my contact information).
107. Victor Fan (San Diego, CA, USA) - I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my work computer, and my Windows gaming system (Stop looking at me like that! Supreme Commander doesn't work on Linux!) uses OSS whenever it's available. I'll refrain from making any SCO cracks, but seriously, do you expect this FUD to work out?
108. César Rincón (Guadalajara, MX) - I use Debian GNU/Linux as the sole operating system in both my laptops and home servers, and as the primary operating system for software development, network and security configuration, administration and auditing, document processing, and most other tasks in my day to day work.
109. Loke Kar Seng (Malaysia) - I use OpenSuse, I have 12 machines running on it. 110. Paul Demers (CT, USA) - I use ubuntu 7.04 for everything from listening to music to surfing the web to software development.
111. Kanwar Plaha (Sydney, Australia) - I use PCLinuxOS 2007 exclusively at home for all my computing needs. My wife uses it too, for everything except where the site demands Internet Explorer (and there is no way to mask Firefox as IE). Oh, and my two and a half year old loves to spin the beryl cube with the mouse wheel. ;-)
112. Rodrigo Pereira (Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil) - I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my notebook, 2 desktops, my sister's notebook and my fiancée's notebook. I'm an Univeristy professor and all my teaching labs uses Ubuntu 6.10 (almost 50 machines). I work with FOSS software since 1998 and have no regrets, so sue me.
113. Ian James McCall (Chicago, IL, USA) I use Gentoo Linux on my primary desktop and I am working to convert my desktop to Ubuntu 7.04. I have been using different flavors of GNU/Linux for several years now and the only times I have had to use Microsoft Windows was when I haven't had a live CD.
114. Roland Orre (NeuroLogic Sweden AB) an R&D consultancy company also in business mgt. Developing the next generation search tools and mass innovation systems using GNU/Linux. Mainly Debian and Ubuntu on servers and work stations/laptops.
115. Charles Miller (King, NC, USA) Shadowmil@gmail.com I have used many Linux distros, ones I like the most are ubuntu because of its user friendlyness, and gentoo for more advance users. Though I also enjoy FC and SuSE desktops
116. Nathan Eckenrode (Brooklyn, New York) - I use Kubuntu 7.04 on three machines for my work at University, additionally, I have encouraged many members of my family to use GNU/Linux as well as representing the Ubuntu Community at ICT Seminars given at the United Nations.
117. Scott Smith (Hong Kong) - I use Mandriva 2007 Spring on my laptop and my wife and daughters use it on theirs as well. I have used FOSS since 1999 and consider my exit from proprietary software to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I use FOSS for all my computing needs, both personal and work related. 118. Mark Chandler (Sydney, Australia) - I use Fedora Core 6 on my desktop, FC7 (test 4) on my laptop, Debian Etch on my development systems, and Gentoo for my MythTV box. To me, Free software means never having to re-invent the wheel, pay ridiculous markups on products because a sales guy wanted a bigger car, or be scared of my own computer.
119. Gary Sparkes (Bel Air, Maryland, USA) - I use Gentoo on my iBook as a wireless bridge, SuSE as a desktop on my IBM Netfinity, debian on my file server, and gentoo on my xbox, I use other operating systems around my house but consider linux to be the most useful and flexible problem solver I have.
120. Roberto Arias Alegria (Villahermosa, Mexico | Sydney, Australia) - I've been using Fedora Linux for a long time while living in Mexico. I am currently studying and working in Australia and I'm using Ubuntu Linux 6.10 for my postgraduate degree in IT and also for my work in an internet marketing company. I'm eager to go to court and hear Microsoft case against myself. If I lose I'll stop using Linux, if I win I'll mock on them insanely.
121. Ben Dake benmail at yolt.com (Brookline, MA) - I use Debian for serving out web pages for my friends and family and providing my mom e-mail. I love to use OpenSSH for port forwarding.
122. Lucas Cardoso (Argentina) - I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop PC. I switched after XP locked me from accessing my own PC. I haven't looked an inch back since the switch--I'm happy with Ubuntu right now, but I'll probably try many other Linux distros in the future. So, come and sue me, Billy--I certainly don't fear you nor your claims.
123. Jerry Gaiser (North Plains, Oregon) - Three machines. Two with CentOS and an IPCop firewall. I've been a Linux user since sometime prior to kernel 0.12 --[[User:Jerryg|Jerryg]] 22:00, 21 May 2007 (UTC)
124. Daniel Stonier (Korea) - Gentoo on all my systems. Also help maintain a Debian web server and friends with their Ubuntu installations. Use everything from multimedia apps, programming tools and web serving applications.
125. Steve Anness (Waco, Texas) - I began my adventures with Linux and Free & Open Source Software in the year 2003 when my dad gave my a copy of Red Hat Linux. Today I am a student at Texas State Technical College majoring in the UNIX program and running Ubuntu 6.06LTS as my main distro. I hope to get involved in the development aspects as I progress in my knowledge. I don't want to be held back by a large company like Microsoft who is afraid to go down knowing that Open Source software was the key to the future of computing. So yes, Microsoft, Sue me First!
126. Matt Steinberg - I have used distros ranging from RedHat and Gentoo all the way to CentOS and Ubuntu. I use OpenOffice in Windows, and I try to get my friends to as well.
127. Chetan Kumar (Pune, India) - I have been using various distributions of GNU/Linux since 1995. Currently I use Mandriva 2007 on my Thinkpad T60p. I have also been using OpenOffice since the staroffice days in addition to many other Free Software (Firefox,thunderbird, zope etc.)
128. Shirish Agarwal (Pune, India) :- Ubuntu 7.04 . Have been using Ubuntu since dapper, interested in playing with dapper too. I simply like to tweak software, play around with it, do grid crunching, listen to music, do whatever I feel like but without having any sort of BSOD disturbing me. The comp. is up 24/7/365 days :) [[User:Shirish|Shirish]] 22:15, 21 May 2007 (UTC)
129. Tuan Nguyen The (Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam). I am using Debian 4.0 (Etch). I have been using RedHat 9/Fedora 1,2,3/Debian 3.0 (Sarge) for the last 4 years for my personal computing and course work. I am a graduate from University of Toronto, Dept. of Computer Science. I know for a fact that our department uses Sarge for all the undergrad computing courses. So, Microsoft, Sue me First!! I stand by my University and Free Software Community.
130. Eric S. Raymond. Yes, Microsoft, the guy who's been harshing your mellow since I wrote ''The Cathedral and the Bazaar'' in 1997. Linux user since 1993, so I've been violating your nonexistent patents for fourteen years. Sue me first. Please, oh please! Because I don't think I've kicked your sorry asses enough yet, and I'd love another round with you chumps.
131. Rahul Merwah (Dallas, TX). You can look me up... I am actually the named inventor on two patents (hardware and software -- long since assigned to the Big Blue Bohemoth) and I have been using GNU/Linux (this one's for you Eric!) since 1995. I currently run Fedora Core 6 on my laptop with all the bells and whistles including Open Office and I have personally installed more linux machines at my places of work in the last 10 years than I care to remember. Try picking on someone like me who actually *does* patent research... I'd like a shot at assessing the true innovation value of your so called "patent portfolio".
132. Alasdair Young, Developer at Vigilos (a long time user of Linux). I use Ubuntu at home, Red Hat at work. I'm adding my name because I feel that software patents are fundamentally immoral.
133. Ian Douglas, (Australia) - I use Trustix, various versions of SuSE, ESX, Trixbox, and other distros at work and home! Curently SuSE 10.2 is my preferred home OS, and Trustix 3 is the preferred work OS.
134. Rashed F. Al-Ajmi (Kuwait city, Kuwait) Ubuntu 7.04 been using linux for some time now and i have it installed on both my desktops and my laptop, one of my desktop shares a partition with windows XP... i use it for pretty much everything including web design on a small scale. Mental Lockup
135. Lane J. Davis (Scottsdale, AZ) I've been a user of Linux (SLS, Slackware, Yggdrasil, Redhat) since 1994. I have never installed Windows on a computer before. I went from Seattle DOS, to PC-DOS to Linux. I abhor your attempts to convert us all to your operating system and way of life. I am, and will always be an open source free software user. I have released software under the GPL and I will continue to do so.
136. Maulvi Bakar, maulvi at maulvi dot net (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Personally using Ubuntu Feisty, all servers that I administered (dozens of them) runs on CentOS, (a bunch of) customers who wants extra protection, I recommend Red Hat Enterprise Linux. On my spare time, I advocate Free (Libre) and Open Source Softwares.
137. Ashijit Pramanik (Bhilai, India) Using Ubuntu 6.06 on laptop. Will soon upgrade to 7.0 and dual-boot with Solaris 10. I challenge Microsoft for their non-existant copyright violations threats.
138. Todd Dragger, Tucson. Learning Linux on older laptop. Runs more stable & faster with Ubuntu versus W2K Pro. Sue me. Put me in jail. Take my computers. Abuse all my rights. Meanwhile, stay out of my computers. Don't prevent my access to default setting, report my Media Player usage, or install your parameters with your automatic installs (stopped years ago). In the meantime, I will continue to spread the news of software freedom and badvista.org.
139. Michael Masson (NC, USA: Age 19) molimo728 at gmail dot com, Have been using Linux(SUSE, Gentoo, Sabayon) since 2002 and shall forever more. Have converted many people to FOSS and even managed to get a few to use Linux. Go FOSS community!
140. Steven Foong (Malaysia) I am using Gentoo on my desktop. I spend my free time converting Windows users to alternate environment.
141. Johnathan Leonard Maestro (Sai Gon, Viet Nam) I use Fedora on all my systems, and am currently the software supervisor of the largest super-cluster in Southeast Asia, which runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I am a senior member of the "Spread Fedora" and "Spread Firefox" projects, and have to date converted over 300 people from Internet Explorer to Firefox. I am also a member of the Free Software Foundation, and the Bad Vista Campaign against Micro$oft's latest excuse for an operating system. I will not stop using linux products or brake if I see any Mico$oft oficials crossing the road.
142. Michael Wyant (CA, USA) kainewynd2 [at] gmail [dot] com. While I generally use Mac OS X, I consistently find myself compiling FOSS as well as using flavors of Linux, like Cent OS, for stable and effective server installations. I also wrote a wiki article for Triple Booting Intel Macs (Ubuntu, Dapper Drake) way back when.
143. Bryan Seigneur (AL, USA) Linux user since 1993. Real programmers like to know how the OS *really* works. I use it for my: home server, my laptop, my virtual machine for web development, and a general purpose server at work.
144. David Barrera (Guayaquil, Ecuador) (legithrand [at] gmail [dot] com) I use Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop and laptop. Member of the "Spread Firefox" project. I have GNU/Linux software for personal use. Sometimes I do some programming using MonoDevelop. Personally, I won't stop using free software at all, so M$ can sue me all they want. my article about this
145. William Bourque (Montreal (Province of Quebec), Canada. wbourque @ gmail dott comm. I am a linux users since seven years now and I don't plan to stop using it soon. I am currently using some very customized version of gentoo linux on my desktop, but I like debian or fedora as well. I appreciate how easy it is to adapt this OS to my needs or to tweak it to my dreams. Please sue me first!
146. Scott Francis (CA, USA) Linux user since 1996, OpenBSD user since 1999. Ubuntu 7.04 on the desktop, OpenBSD on desktops and severs, FreeBSD/RedHat for work. OS X (BSD under the hood!) in various places. I run *nix because I don't like restrictions in what I do with my computers, but mostly because it's Just Plain Better - better development model, better OS design, better. Neal Stephenson said it better than I ever could - see In The Beginning Was The Command Line. Patents exist to encourage innovation, not stifle it.
147. Atul Sowani (Pune, India) - I use Slackware Linux on both of my computers and I develop *nix only applications. I also help people migrate from Windows to Linux. Linux is way better than any Microsoft product and I will continue using Linux. "Live Free or Die!"
148. Steve OConnor (Adelaide, Australia) BAD ME - I am using a pirated copy of Gentoo Linux that I illegally downloaded off the internet, and have installed on a whole rack of servers that I use to make money by providing information services to the Australian Defence Forces. I skipped out on paying any licence fees by doing it this way, and I have (illegal ?) access to all the source code, so I can hack my application around however I see fit. I have also ripped off a copy of PCLinuxOS from the internet (Which is like a HaXoRed version of Vista), without giving out my credit card, and used that same single copy to install on dozens of other computers. The recipients of these PCLinuxOS machines are way happy too ...
149. Daniel Lovestad (Stockholm, Sweden) - I use Debian Linux on my embedded platform server (EPIA) running Apache, Mysql, Proftpd, Samba. There are no equivalent software from MS to support my small server. -MS, sue yourselves!
150. Will Wells (Lexington, TN, USA) GNU/Linux user since 99, Currently use Vector on my homebrew desktop and Kubuntu on the laptop. If M$ feels the need to sue me, let 'em try. I'm tired of hearing the idiots in Redmond try to marginalize and use scare tactics against the FOSS community. I don't care if some people want to use Windows. All I ask is that they leave me alone with my choices in software, vice actively trying to assault this community. I've donated countless hours on the various linux tech support channels on irc, and actively try to show people why free software is a viable alternative to proprietary garbage and bloatware. In the (paraphrased) words of an infamous bumper sticker: They can pry my Linux from my cold, dead hands. [mailto:hitmanWilly@nerdshack.com email me here]
151. Natraj (Bangalore, India) - I am using Fedora for the last 3 years, i advocate linux to people who use unlicensed copy of windows to switch over to linux. Linux is my desktop and my development environment. 152. My name is Amir E. Aharoni, i live in Israel [mailto:amir.aharoni@gmail.com and i am not afraid of spam]. I use Free Software whenever i can. On Windows i use Firefox for browsing the web (haven't touched Internet Explorer for years!), OpenOffice.org for productivity, wxDownloadFast and BitTorrent for downloading, GIMP for image editing, Notepad++ for plain text editing, TuxGuitar and Audacity for music editing and also these great software development tools: Subversion (TortoiseSVN), ActivePerl, PerlGTK, ActivePython, Ruby, many components of the Cygwin suite and EiffelStudio; i use some of them commercially, i.e. i am getting paid for it. And maybe some other apps that i am forgetting now. I also use Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu GNU/Linux at home and i helped some people installing them. Furthermore, i use OGG and FLAC for music whenever it is possible and i use WordPress for my blog. 153. Michael N. Esposito II (Houston, TX, USA) new adopted from Microsoft Windows Xp about a year ago, currently using Kubuntu 7.04 and running Microsoft Windows XP on a desktop for Adobe Photoshop and a few games. As a college student I tutor people on the inner working of computer working towards a degree in Computer Science. If M$ feel they have to sue a poor college kid, do it, I'll bit just as hard right back, Bill...
154. Kerry Warren (Lexington, KY, USA) Been running Slackware for many years, and recently achieved the holy grail for me - realtime recording with a professional-level soundcard in my own home studio. I haven't used anything by Microsoft in four years, and I defy that corporation to make me pay for something I don't use. Fear, uncertainty and doubt are terrible business methods.
155. Adam P.H Lundvall. I'm 15 years old and live in Swden. [mailto:adam@burnie.nu]. I use Ubuntu 7.04, mainly for programming and surfing. On my other playing-computer I run Gentoo.
156. Michael Combs (Jacksonville, Florida)(qpsk1half at gmail dot com)I am a dedicated Linux user. I have used Linux since Red Hat 5.0 and have not looked back. Over the years I have used Red Hat 5-9, Fedora Core 4-5, Gentoo, Slackware, Suse, Mandrake, Mandriva, DSL, DSL-N, Ubuntu (currently) just to name a few. I exclusively use Open Office for all of my publishing needs. I write my blogs on blogger which is owned by Google who uses a customized linux kernel. I am constantly and actively converting everyone I know to FOSS software. It doesn't have to be proprietary to work. Open source software, linux in particular, is more stable, more secure and just works better than any microsoft product can hope. My blogs are about freedom. You want my Open Source software and my Linux Operating systems? To quote Leonidas of Sparta, "Molon Labe". Come and Take Them!
157. Ché Kristo. I live in Sydney Australia and am a business analyst. I use a Nevada build of Solaris, mainly for desktop productivity purposes, I also use products from Microsoft (WinXP Pro 64 bit, MS Office), GNU, Sun, Apache all together. If Microsoft is going to threaten me because I use a competitors product it won't be the competitors products that I stop using and/or purchasing. Take the advice offered by Jonathon Schwartz; don't sue your customers, don't threaten your customers...perhaps even start being nice to your customers!
158. Jonas Wilson-Leedy (Moscow, ID USA). I use Mepis at home and SUSE at work.
159. Ruben Torres (Tijuana, Mexico) I'm a fairly new Linux user. I've used Slackware, RH8-9, Fedora Core 3, Suse, Gentoo(current). I just finished my CS degree, and use Linux for almost everything at the job and home...why do I use it? Secure, reliable, stable, It's just better then anything that Micro$oft has ever given us. Oh yeah and my currently emerging gnome on my new PC. :P
160. Sarath Menon (India) I've been using linux for more than 7 years now and have tried virtually every major distro. I call Microsoft's PR stunt a bluff, I'd like to see how far they go, more out of curiosity.
161. Rajiv Bakulesh Shah (TX, USA) brainix@gmail.com I've used Linux since 1997. It's enabled me to pursue a career as a software developer by making high quality tools and source code available to me. Please sue me for pursuing my passion to improve the quality of life for everyone. Also, I've developed my own open source software projects, Gray Matter (a chess engine) and Brainix (a microkernel). These projects probably infringe someone's patent somewhere, so please go ahead and sue me over that too. Thanks!
162. Juan Jose Pablos (Spain). juanjo at apertus dot es. I have been using GNU/Linux for more than 10 Years. Using Debian in several servers, using Ubuntu for my personal Laptop, and Ubuntu in client machines. OpenOffice,Firefox and Thunderbird had been installed as default Aplications for each machine based in windows 98/XP.
163. Geremy Condra. I live in Greenville, SC and am a student and Linux developer. I use Gentoo, Sabayon, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu, for desktops, embedded development, and servers. Microsoft has made billions of dollars exploiting the aegis of the Free Market, and I urge them to either fight us under those terms or not at all.
164. Joseph Inglish. I live in Oregon, USA, and currently run Ubuntu 7.04 on my main PC; switched from Windows a few months ago because I couldn't stand the horrible piece of junk that is Windows.
165. Daniel Juan (Spain) daniel.juan(at)gmail.com. I use debian GNU/Linux on all my computers, at work as my main (software) development environment, and at home to surf the net, make some music, media center...
166. Mark A. Craig (Sacramento, CA, USA) I first used Linux circa 1992, which I suppose makes me an "early adopter". I still have the 70 HD diskettes with that release of Linux 1.2 on them. I've been mired in the Windows world for many years since then, but have now installed both a very flexible boot manager (BootIt NG) and virtualization software and have collected half a dozen Linux distros... one way or another the migration back will happen. I don't want Microsoft throwing a legal monkeywrench in my plans. The entire argument in favor of "intellectual property" makes me ill, and it always has. Knowledge and ideas should not be a commodity. Please sue me, Microsoft, so that I may remind the world what the face of greed really looks like.
167. Aad-Jan Couwenhoven (The Netherlands) As we Dutch are a very law abiding people I feel compelled to confess that I stole [http://www.gentoo.org/ Gentoo] linux with all the M$ patents it violates. I've gone and installed it on my home server running several Xen domains and on my laptop. I shall have go down on my knees and ......... give M$ and Novell the bird. ;-)
168. Lachlan Musicman (Melbourne, Australia) com gmail datakid. I use Ubuntu Edgy on home workstation for work (IT Support, systems management), University homework (programming, databases), movies, music, web browsing, chat etc. I use Debian on the servers I manage. Am also using Open Office, Pidgin, and cygwin on Window's boxes I go near.
169. Jerome Hanoteau. I live in Belgium (Europe) where, according to the European patent convention, patents on ideas, mathematics, algorithms, softwares or literary works are forbidden. As long as I understand it Linux kernel, Xorg or OpenOffice are sofwares as such (maybe according to the EPO lawyers it is not, they are so "innovative" in order to bypass the european Patent convention ). So I will be very interested to know if Microsoft have valid patents on sofware as such in Europe or if OpenOffice is not a sofware as such... I am really interested to change my knowledge about what a software is. By the way I run Linux ( mainly Ubuntu and Debian) as my only OS on any of my PCs.
170. Mihail Kochanov (Bulgaria) - .NET developer and Windows user (all payed for and legal). I'm using Open Office and various smaller open source products. I really like Microsoft's products but I think software patents are complete nonsense and I suggest we developers stop giving money to lawyers and other parasites that do not create value.
171. Emrah Ünal (Turkey/Finland) As a linux user for 9 years, I believe I deserve to be sued. There's no escape from justice.
172. Kristian Nygård Jensen, Project manager/Programmer (Copenhagen, Denmark) I work for WebmindIT and we use OSS for all aspects of our work. I use Ubuntu linux as local OS, develop in Eclipse, manage projects in trac, write my documents in open office, read my mails in evolution and we host our web-applications on a debian powered server .... My first encounter with Linux was Redhat 5.5 and I have used it ever since, some times with a doal boot at times when I was playing allot. but nowadays I only use Linux both at home and on work
173. Peter McGuire (Canada - petermcg_at_telus_dot_net) I use Ubuntu 7.04, and have no need for Windows.
174. Stephen Harrison (Canada) I use Ubuntu 7.04, it is the best distro for frabbing naggily warts.
175. Christopher Stewart (Abilene, TX, USA) normuser@whyisthishere.com; I use Slackware 11 right now. I use linux to watch DVD's, play music run my personal mail and web servers, play UT2K4, watch TV, write essays, read slashdot, I could go on all day but I think you get the point ;-}
176. Jon Arild Karlsen, Norway (jonkar2_at_tele2_dot_no). I use Ubuntu 7.04, and I've found it to suit my needs (and generally work) far better than Windows ever did. Never again, Microsoft.
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