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Journal WED Fan's Journal: Akahige's Rules of Causes

Akahige's Rules of Causes

For every cause, there exists spokespersons who produce more negative images, feelings, press, and other sundry effects regarding the cause.

The most extreme elements of that cause will tout the same spokesperson(s) as the saviour of the movement.

The same spokesperson is usually the loudest voice in the room and if not chosen as the saviour of the movement, will appoint themselves as such.

If the saviour of the movement is criticized, questioned, or it appears they are challenged by others, the backers of that saviour will attack, excoriate, deride the perceived attackers.

Once a Saviour of the Movement has been appointed/annointed the cause becomes religious in nature and has less to do with reason and more to do with jihadist fervor.

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Akahige's Rules of Causes

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