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It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Nymz's Journal: How many Slashdotters does it take to change a light bulb? 9

1 to change the light bulb, and submit the technical details to Slashdot
1 to insert grammatical errors, and publish the summary
2 to claim First Post!
3 to quip that in Soviet Russia light bulbs change you
2 to inform everyone the linked article has been Slashdotted
1 to link a cached copy of the article
3 to link another article about Japanese robots that can change a light bulb for you
4 to welcome our new lightbulb changing overlords
8 to let us know they think the President is a dim bulb
5 to mention they changed all their light bulbs 3 days ago, and Slashdot is no longer cutting edge
9 to link to a duplicate light bulb story
6 to explain the connection between bulb manufacturers and the evils of Capitalism
3 to copy paste some very technical electrical information and pretend they just wrote it offhand
3 to claim new light bulbs are better than older ones
5 to refute those claims, and defend older bulbs
3 to tell us how much they love their Apple iLights, even if they are expensive
5 to expose that MS lightbulbs have extra features incompatable with standard bulbs
2 to discuss whether it should be written "light bulb" or "lightbulb"
5 to claim arrogant Americans should know it's called a "lamp" where they live
4 to quip I'm blind, you insensitive clod!
1 to claim to be the true inventor of the light bulb, shortly after inventing the internet
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How many Slashdotters does it take to change a light bulb?

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