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Journal edizzles's Journal: The current Collage student relationship

Did you know that you could be thrown out of collage over a broken chair? This is the case at many collages where Students have little rights to defend them selves from the house department with out being forced out of school in the process. Let's look at the following situation.
        You live in an apt and during your occupation some damage is incurred to the building. Now assume for this example that there is no security deposit (note most dorm type situations have no deposit). Now your landlord is charging what you feel is an obscene amount of money for the repairs. In a normal landlord tenet situation you could refuse payment and go to court over the matter. How ever in the case of a dorm or school owned apartment you have a problem. Since all of you student bills are bundled together you will not be able to attend school until the grievance with the housing department is settled. With most students racking up loans a trying to hang on to the dwindling scholar ships available fighting it out in court is just not an option.
        I can speak from personal experience, I am a large man in all direction and I broke my dorm chair goofing around with friends. I was charged 90$ for and old wooden chair. I confronted the house department and I was refused my demand of proof that the chair cost 90$. This is a small example of what I feel is a gap in student protection from the very institution that is supposed to be protecting and helping them.

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The current Collage student relationship

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