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Journal neutrino38's Journal: Sarko, where is your Karcher? 5

Just a night rant

Some may know that France will run parlemntary election next month. I happend to be an happy resident of the Grenoble area and an Entrepreneur. As such, it would seem natural that I could be inclined to vote for the candidates proposed by the party of our newly elected President Mr Sarkozy.

No way. Not because I disagree with the ideas but because one of the local candidates is trying to use the current wave of enthousiams for concervatives to get elected but the problem is ...

This guy, Mr Carignon, has been convicted a couple of yeas ago in a corruption scheme involving overcharge of local water distribution. Yes, he has served his setence and so on.

No Niko, I will never vote for any local UMP candidate. Unless ... your Kärcher is hanging somewhere around and can be usd to put a bit of pressure on the guy and remove him from these elections. Remember all those speeches about morality in politics and the value of merits. I take you on words.

And by the way, his local challenger, Mr Cazenave had interesting opinions on the DADSVI law and is pro Open Source.

PS: Mr Sarkozy and Carignon started politics in the same circles (they were know as the 'quadras' at these times. So it is very likely that Mr Carignon will be the local candidate for the MP position. Alas.

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Sarko, where is your Karcher?

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