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Journal GreyWolf3000's Journal: TV ads for more cops 4

In my hometown, they're running ads that show policemen busting people for not having seat belts. They're saying basically, "we are starting to put more and more cops on the streets, looking for people who don't have their seat belts on. It's a fact--not having a belt buckled can kill."

I doubt there are more cops on the road to solve this one issue, which leads me to believe they're putting more and more cops on the streets, and are masking the real intent. Is anyone else out there seeing this happen? Are we turning into a police state? I don't think seat belts are much of a problem anyways, but people just blindly accept this.

Anyone know a quiet little corner of the world I could move to 10 years from know when the America I love starts to really suck?

By the way, its not the Bush regime in power. The liberal/conservative dichotomy is setup to make the opposing party allways seem like the cause of the real problems. The state of affairs in this country is really pissing me off, and there isn't a soul in Washington I don't blame for it (aside from John McCain).

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TV ads for more cops

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  • Here in Albuquerque, I welcome more cops. I have spent about a year in Romania and after dealing constantly with crooked cops, I guess I just don't find it so bad here. Even just over the border into mexico, it's a joke.

    Yeah, it might be getting worst... but not NEARLY as bad as you make it sound.
    • I may be mistaken, but I believe the primary point was that our scarce resources are being over allocated on society's fringe problems, The politcally-friendly, easy to make it look like I'm doing my best to change things kind of problems. I live in Texas, and having gone across the border many a time to go party or what have you, I agree that Mexico's police are a joke. That's not to say that merely because someone else has it worse, we don't have room for impovement.

      On a sidenote, I'm about sick of the groupthink and antagonism of late on slashdot as well. :b

      • Yah--now the Republicans have gained control of congress expect more +5, insightful comments that say:
        1. King Bush was elected fraudulently; may come in the form of "he's not really our elected leader."
        2. Now that the Republicans are in control of Congress, expect his reign of terror to continue.

        Fortunately, I see worse on campus. But Slashdot politics have a propensity for myopic and naive stances.

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