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Journal Tuoqui's Journal: The Legal System and why it needs to be reformed

"First thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" -Dick the Butcher, Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part II.

The fundamental problem with the legal system *IS* lawyers and the legal professions as a whole. Lawyers are the ultimate bureaucrats. Anytime you involve a lawyer you are guarenteed to increase the amount of red tape and confusion which further requires the other side to have a lawyer in order to figure out what the hell you are saying.

Look at contracts from 100+ years ago. They were simple and didn't need a lawyer. All you needed was your good name and a handshake and it was done. Bob would cut down X number of trees and bring the logs to Joe for $Y before the time/date of Z. No fuss, No muss. Since most people were able to keep to deadlines and values and were able to act as agents on their own behalf problems were also easier to solve. So Bob brings half as many trees in as he's supposed to, well its only fair that Joe would pay him half as much for them. Again, simple and easy conflict resolution.

Laws were a lot simpler 100+ years ago too. Do not obstruct traffic by parking your car or horse on main street. Do not steal/kill/cheat others, etc... Now we have so many laws and so many stupid laws that you could probably end up breaking the law by sneezing in public.

Today we are taught to live in a culture of fear. All cultures have to have some fear in order to keep them going but since 9/11, western nations and in particular the USA have fostered this culture of fear. You see it every day on the news, people continuing to keep the memory of 9/11 in the back of our collective consciousness. It is actually in the government and corporations best interests to keep you scared. To make it so that you don't question what they are doing because the moment you question is the moment they lose power. What power? The ability to pass bullshit and unconstitutional laws like the PATRIOT Act (or the Canadian version) as a knee jerk reaction to these.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself (and the government).
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The Legal System and why it needs to be reformed

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