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Journal RingDev's Journal: "Support the troops" really pisses me off. 6

There are 2 types of people who support the troops: Those who are veterans, and those who have bumper stickers. Guess which one actually makes a difference.

If you want to bitch and moan about supporting the troops, and the Democrat's time table, go fight the good fight. There are plenty of recruiters with stacks of signing bonuses just waiting for you to walk in. If you're not willing to put your own neck on the line:

Don't talk about sacrifice until you've lost a loved one.
Don't talk about the importance until you've killed a person.
Don't talk about bravery until you've sat with your wall against a wall while small arms fire was coming in.

There are great people of this nation fighting, dieing, and being physically and mentally maimed for life. And to see a draft-dodging deserter like Bush giving speeches about "winning" the war, about being brave and tough, and about the difficulty of the decisions he makes... it rips my guts out to hear him, of all people, utter that crap. No sane person has ever survived a war and thought that war was a good solution. Sometimes, it is necessary, but the cost is so high, so many lives are lost or shattered, the cost of not going to war has to be huge.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just a bit worked up today and someone posted some inane 'yeah-but I support the troops' crap.


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"Support the troops" really pisses me off.

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  • As someone who spent seven years in the Army, it really frosts my cookies seeing people driving Terrorist-Support Vehicles (SUVs that get 7 mpg), knowing that most of the money shipped to Saudi Arabia and nearby countries will be used to kill US troops.

    I just found out that, since I was a combat field engineer, I may be at risk from, get this, "brain sheer" trauma that potentially could put me in a higher risk category for Parkinson's disease! Apparently this comes from the high incidence levels of troops
    • by RingDev ( 879105 )
      Will, sorry to hear about your increased risk. The company I work for has a side project that deals with screening for mental issues (depression, bipolar, dementia, Alzheimer's, PTS, etc...) in a low cost/high volume IVR system. I've been prodding at my management to try to get it bumped up as I think it could be a great tool for many of the un/under insured people in the US, specifically with the large number of over-extended troops that will be returning from Iraq. It's a busy year, but I'm hoping we can
      • I'm hoping for a plug-in Toyota Prius soon, since I live in a place where I get 100 percent green power (for less than most people pay for dirty power).

        But, don't worry about me, I know about the studies because I'm the Data Manager at the UW ADRC, and so I hear the scientific seminars and read the draft papers long before you'll hear about it in the media.
        • by RingDev ( 879105 )
          Hah, imagine that! You've probably gone through some of our Doctors' work. Small world.

  • So how about "Support Our Troops: End War"?
    • by RingDev ( 879105 )
      I agree completely. Our presence in Iraq is emboldening our enemies. We are inciting violence just by being there. And having our troops as meat shields in the middle of a civil war will do nothing for the safety or security of Iraq.

      I did my time in the Marine Corps, I got out just before this crap got rolling. But I've spoken to troops that have returned, I've seen the look in their eyes when they tell their tales. It's the same look that I saw in my Grandfather's eye when he talked about the taking of Oki

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