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Journal blind biker's Journal: May 2007

1st of May:
Went to the Baha'i center but actually took a really long way to get there, as I had time. Found out a new way to get from the path parallel to Hämeenlinnanväylä to Metsäläntie. There I also found a pet graveyard. Cool! Cycled around Käpylä a lot. After the Ridvan feast, I went back home. Probably about 30 Km. RSS.
2nd of May:
Just to work and back. 9 km. Rainy both ways, very windy on the way back. City.
3rd of May:
To work, to prisma and then back home, City. about 12 Km. It was raining while going to work.
Later in the afternoon I tried the new "kilpapyörä" build, with only a front brake. It wasn't nice. The handlebar is too narrow, and don't like to lean forward so much.
4th of May:
To work and back home. City.
5th of May:
To Ratamestarinkatu 13 A, then to Fredrikinkatu 20 A, and then back home. About 20 Km. RSS.
6th of May:
I have test-driven the Alu-bike (previously called "kilpapyörä build") with the 36T chainring. This was much better, now. Went to Vantaa river and back. About 20 Km. alubike
7th of May:
Took the alubike to work, then to the tax office, then back home. 14 Km.
8th of May:
To work, to the tax office, back home with the city bike (I thought it will rain). 14 Km. Then to a rather long bikeride with Laurinolly (first went to Teuvo Pakkalan Tie 4 E, then to various places). Maybe about 15-17 Km - with the alubike!
9th of May:
To work and back home with citybike, 9 Km.
In the afternoon, to meet Helena Kekkonen at her place, then went to Petikko forest, walked 4.7 Km. Then biked back to her place. She liked my bike (alubike). Then back home. About 20 Km.
10th of May:
To work and back home (9 Km). Then to Laurinolli's, then to Mea's place for Euroviisu, but then we (Laurinolli and Missaghi) left earlier and went to Laurinolli's place and then Missaghi and I went towards Käpylä. Then home. Maybe 18 Km? Alubike.
11th of May:
From home to Rajatorpantie taxoffice, then to work. 12 Km Afternoon: towards Mea, then up and down on eliel saarisen tie - 10 Km. Alubike.
12th of May:
Morning: went to Kamppi, then to Oulunkylä, then home. I think this was about 28 Km. RSS.
Evening: to Soheila's place, and then back home - 15 Km, alubike.
13th of May:
Morningwent to Ratamestarinkatu 13, then to the shop near home, then home - here I hit a stone with front wheel, pinchflat. 17 Km alubike.
In the evening I went to Teuvo Pakkalan Tie 4 and back. 7.5 Km RSS.
14th May:
Went to work and back home, RSS. Did an upgrade work on the alubike and went for a short ride. ~10 Km.
15th of May:
To work (was raining badly), to Elielinaukio, to home. Then to Poutamäentie 5 A, and then back home. Alubike (now with 34T and Schwalbe Big Apples). ~20 Km
16th of May:
To work and back home and then to the B-keskus, and then home. Alubike, about 25-27 Km.

17th of May (Helatorstai):
To the Baha'i center, prayed with the Ruhi 5 people, went towards Ratamestarinkatu 13 A (got a bit lost along Mäkelänkatu, but then I was fine - also, discovered the velodrome!) then to meet Tuula in her palsta, then home in a round-about way (went next to the lemmikkien hautausmaa), then from home to the Hessburger and then back home. About 40 Km, RSS.
Later in the afternoonb, tried out the alubike after tightening the crankset bolts.
Went to the pet cemetery and back, then did a looong bikeride. Perhaps 25-30 Km. Alubike.
18th of May:
Went again to the tax office, then to work and then home. 13 Km RSS.
19th of May:
Morning, went to B-keskus, Ruhi 5 started at 9 so I missed the prayers. Still prayed a bit, and then went to Sello using the new way, calculated by the bike-part of reittiopas. Very nice! Just went along Asesepäntie, then arrived at Valkeatalo, crossed, went on a bikepath through a park until crossing Eliel Saarisen Tie, where I turn left and go towards theHuopalahti juna-asema, where I turn right and go along the railways (which are on my left) all the way to Turuntie, which then leads to Sello. This is about 10 Km (B-keskus - Sello). Then home. Alubike (now all bolts are tight, no sounds!), 26 Km.
Then I went to deesport, Prisma and back home. 6 Km, RSS.
Later, went to Myyrmänni and back, 3 Km RSS.
20th of May:
Morning went ot B-keskus, then to Ratamestarintie 13 and then, in a roundabout way (got lost in the keski puisto), arrived home. 30 Km RSS.
22nd of May:
To work and back home. Then afternoon to B-keskus and back home. 26 Km alubike.
23dr of May:
To the blood donation center and then to Valimo 21 and then home. 13 Km RSS.
24th of May:
Went to "work" then to deesport with the citybike, to sell it. 7 Km.
Afternoon went to Helena's in Martinlaakso. Then to Petikko and ... About 20 Km alubike.
25th of May:
Morning: To Hiomo 32 (pick up Muvo 200, 512 MB)then to Prisma, then to home - 10 Km RSS. Then to Sello and back home. Then to Prisma and back home. 21 Km alubike. Then later to Pöllänen and back - 18 Km alubike.
26th of May:
To ratamestarinkatu, then to the center, (then walked to Kaisaniemenpuisto, met Helena, Mila, Marietta and the Baha'is) then home. Maybe 25 Km. Alubike
27th of May:
Morning went to Sello, met with Mirja, afternoon went back home. About 20 Km.RSS
28th of May:
Morning went to Deesport, then back - 5 Km. Then in the afternoon went to B-keskus, and back. 20 Km. Alubike
29th of May:
Morning: went to Diacor in Alppikatu 2 and back, 22 Km, alubike. Afternoon went to Myllypellontie (Oulunkylä) (then to Itäkeskus and back to Oulunkylä) and back, then to Myyrmanni and back - 20 Km RSS.
30th of May:
Intended to go to Ratamestarintie, but it was raining like crazy, so I only made it to Prisma and came back. 5 Km alubike.
31st of May:
Went to Verkkokauppa (Itämerenkatu 21) and back home (making a detour through the center) 26 Km RSS.
Afternoon went downtown and then back. 23 Km alubike

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