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Cool Things

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  • That LESS would have been a risky proposition. It might have been easier if it had some support from the CSM, in the form of Doppler radar to help with the engine cut-off timing.

    Today, something LESS-like would be a piece of cake. You could even put redundant radar altimeters on it.
  • Wow, the lunar escape system is very cool indeed.

    As for ITER, well yes, it has the potential to be amazing. The problem with fusion power is that it has been 20 years away for the past 50 years, so many people have dismissed it as a dead end. But in fact thousands of researchers from all over the world have been working hard, consistently on it. The physics is hard. A pal of mine is soon to start a plasma physics PhD, and the equations he looks at make me cry. They make common-or-garden vector calcul

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