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Journal Elliot_Lin's Journal: Just to annoy ya I am going to run it in a Chroot 1

I installed debian on my server a few days ago... that was fun. After I got through the downloading that is expected I went to install webmin... apt-get install webmin ... no... apt-get install webmin-core .... no again. So I wget the damn webmin configuration and install it. Then I restore my DNS configuration through it. But guess what? It can't use it as debian have gone out of their way to move EVERYTHING around. I mean EVERYTHING. It was impossible to start the damn service through webmin. Even now I can't make config changes through it cos debian can't allow that! This is beginning to annoy me now, especially in that I can't even set up an exim mailserver and get any mail through this damn DNS. Its beginning to be a pain. Debian I love your security... but damn, I hate your fucking security!
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Just to annoy ya I am going to run it in a Chroot

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    Looks like webmin ran out of maintainers willing to work on it and nobody would pick it up after it was orphaned.

    The packages are still in oldstable [sarge] so with some work, someone could port it (forwardport?), but it looks like the general consensus of the various Debian developers is that webmin is antithetical to their security model, so its unlikely that any simple port would be accepted back into etch without fixing the security somehow.

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