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Journal ArcherB's Journal: Moderator Guidelines 10

From HERE:

Concentrate more on promoting than on demoting. The real goal here is to find the juicy good stuff and let others read it. Do not promote personal agendas. Do not let your opinions factor in. Try to be impartial about this. Simply disagreeing with a comment is not a valid reason to mark it down. Likewise, agreeing with a comment is not a valid reason to mark it up. The goal here is to share ideas. To sift through the haystack and find needles. And to keep the children who like to spam Slashdot in check.

I only bring this up because it seems that SlashDot is turning into more of a DailyKOS than a TomsHardware or an Engadget.

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Moderator Guidelines

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  • See this JE [slashdot.org] for some slight insight.

    Oh, and quite yer bitching. Slashdot, like life, is what you make it.
  • Sometimes there's a fine line between humor and flamebait, however. Where one draws that line might depend on one's political viewpoints. Actually, there's no line at all - there's an overlap. There have been flamebait-like posts that I have found quite funny.

    Troll is similarly difficult to recognize clearly - is someone sincere in their viewpoints or are they bringing out arguments that have been shown to be patently false time and time again? Does it count if they're a n00b and honestly don't know that

    • by ArcherB ( 796902 ) *
      So, you can't completely remove personal bias from how you mod, but I suppose the guidelines don't ask that of you. They don't say that disagreement can't affect how you mod, but that it shouldn't be the only reason you mod.

      I agree that you can not remove your own personal bias from anything, but you should give it a good college try. I do feel that the guidelines set forth by SlashDot make it clear to not mod based on personal bias.

      Simply disagreeing with a comment is not a valid reason to mark it down.

      No such restrictions are placed on posting, however, as the purpose is an

      • The comments I posted knocked my Karma from "Excellent" to "Terrible" in less than six hours.

        How many total negative mods are we talking? 20? More? Were there any positive mods?

        I've received 10 negative mods over the period of hours before and my Karma wasn't touched. Of course, I also got several positive mods over that time, so perhaps that was the reason. I think I might have only had a net of -2 or so.

        I will say this about flamebait - blatant insults to people involving profanity definitely increa

        • by ArcherB ( 796902 ) *
          How many total negative mods are we talking? 20? More? Were there any positive mods?

          Most of my mods looked like so:
          Moderation -2
          20% Flamebait
          30% Insightful
          20% Overrated
          Extra 'Flamebait' Modifier 0

          Granted, they were nearly all "Off Topic", but at a third half of the mods were positive on all the "negative" posts for the day. Of course, there were a few that finished out the day with a positive score as well. I asked a SlashDot admin about i
          • Well, this does bring up an interesting point. Obviously, I disagree with you on Bush, Reagan, and Carter - probably on multiple levels, but I agree that your posts were not trollish or flamebait. When I challenged you at one point, you responded reasonably. Now, here's where it gets interesting. If one of those posts had been marked insightful up to +4 or +5, I very well might have marked them overrated because I would think they weren't "all that", if you know what I mean. Obviously, this moderation would

            • by ArcherB ( 796902 ) *
              When I get mod points, I rarely mod down. I figure if someone got modded beyond what their post was worth, it must be their lucky day! I will however, hand out negative mods, but I usually stick to "off topic", "Flamebait" or "Troll".

              When metamoderating, I almost never say a positive mod is "unfair". I guess the only time I might is when something in very bad taste is modded as "funny". I take a very critical look at down-mods, however.

              Either way, when moderating or metamoderating, I make it a point to
              • If I see a brilliant argument, it gets modded up (unless it's already modded up pretty high), even if it pains me mod something that goes completely counter to my beliefs.

                I do that sometimes, as well. Another good tactic - especially if you don't have mod points - is to "friend" them. That means their posts will get "modded up" for you in the future (assuming you adjust "friend" posts accordingly). Seeing as how we've both "friended" each other, perhaps you do the same. I hate being in an echo chamber, a

  • You just found out that /. has turned into a Democrat Circle-Jerk? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's been like that ever since making fun of Bush became the cool thing to do.

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