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Journal PearlLopez's Journal: Perfecting the perfect pose

There is a lot more to modeling than many starting out in the industry realize. The models who get the best jobs are those who show an understanding of lighting, body shape, make-up and how to work the camera. Being able to strike the right pose during your first casting at Bubblegum Casting will wow those watching and set you on the right path.
Don't be afraid of empty space
It is natural to think that the less space you take up the smaller you look. However, the opposite is actually true. Moving your limbs away from your body actually makes you look slimmer. Squashing your arms against your body flattens them out and makes them look wider. Taking the arm away from the body maintains its natural shape and makes the limb look slimmer. The same is true with legs. Try standing with your legs tight together and then repeat with them slightly apart. The difference is clear to see.
Learn the laws of light (and shadow)
The key rule to learn is that the closer to the light and object is the brighter it will seem. Moving limbs closer to the camera can also cause shadows to fall across other parts of your body. For example, having your arm up and forward will make it brighter and cause a shadow to fall across your face. Simply moving the arm to the side so that it is in line with your head will remove the shadow. It is also important to be aware of where you have been asked to stand. Moving off of your spot will change how you pose is lit and will have an effect on the final picture.
It's all in the eyes
Photographers will often talk to the model during a shoot, generally to request new poses or offer encouragement. It can be tempting to look at the photograph when this happens, but this can cause your eyes to look over-rotated in the finished photographs. During your casting remember to keep your eyes in line with your nose.
Standing strong
Just as you can use space to give you a slimmer profile, you can use a similar trick to make you look taller. Roll your shoulders back to elongate your neck and make your face come forward slightly. In one simple move you will have created the illusion of a slimmer neck and improved your poise, this in turn will make you seem taller.
Helping hands
Something as simple as your hands can make or break a photo shoot. Holding your hands, fingers together with the backs of your hands showing will make them look much larger than they actually are. The eye will be drawn to them rather than taking in the picture as a whole. Avoid this by keeping your fingers apart and placing them apart on your sides or hips where possible. Doing this will stop them becoming a focal point and show more of the side, rather than the backs of them; this makes your hands look smaller and more dainty as well.

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Perfecting the perfect pose

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