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Journal NyteGeek's Journal: I miss my friend

On the morning of Saturday, March 25, 2006 one of the worst mass murders in the history of Washington State took my friend Jeremy Martin. I don't know why I'm thinking of this today, but I am and I wonder if anybody else is.

It was labeled "Capitol Hill Massacre" by the media. The man that murdered 6 people and wounded two others then turned the gun on himself and left us all with haunting questions. There were people that wanted to blame it on the victims, citing drugs, alcohol, music, and the "rave scene". Those people only served to poor salt in our wounds, obscure the truth and denigrate the memories of those we lost that terrible day. I thank God that the opinions and actions on the matter of the leaders and community at large were more realistic and caring.

The 6 people that died were Melissa Moore age 13, Suzanne Thorne age 14, Justin Schwartz age 22, Christopher Williamson age 21, Jason Travers age 32, and my friend Jeremy Martin age 26.

If you know these people please always remember them, if you don't know them please don't judge them. They didn't deserve to be murdered by a stranger that they tried to be-friend.

I'll will always miss you Jeremy, I wish you were still here.

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I miss my friend

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