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Journal blind biker's Journal: Journal of my cycling falls

- 20.05.2006 First time happened on the second (I think - might have been a later one, or maybe even the first) day of my learning to cycle with Slaven: - the "Rib Breaker". Also, some rather deep road rash on my right hand, but today only visible traces are on one of my knuckles. It happened on Johanna's old terässipi.

- 22.08.2006 - On return from "business lunch" in Kallio with Aki. It happened around 2 PM, just as we were getting near Pitäjänmäentie from the shortcut from Huopalahdentie (shortcut to avoid the roundabout). It was a curb from the road into the park, and I endo'd. I was on my MTB, and I made a very nice, soft landing. 94 days since last fall. Thanks to the calculator at

- 22.10.2006 - Night-time (it was dark, probably not later than 10 PM thought), after a rainy afternoon, lots of dead, damp leaves on the roads and streets - on Urheilukatu, crossing Nordenskiöldinkatu probably, or maybe Reijolankatu. Front wheel lost traction very suddenly and I fell on my right side, my head hit the ground and I think I might have forgotten a couple of minutes of my life. I was disoriented for a few minutes. Happened on my MTB.

- 28.12.2006 Winter morning, loose snow on ice - slid rather gently (on my ass) as I was turning right and downhill in the park along Vihdintie. I was on thecitybike.

- 02.04.2007 Around noon, nice spring day (around 12 C, sunny), I was turning from Kaupintie (coming from south-west) into Näyttelijäntie, and at the bus stop, trying to avoid a lady waiting for the bus in an exaggerated radius, I went a bit too much to the left and onto the road, and fell at the curb. Broke the fall with my hands (luckily had leather gloves). Got a blow on the right calf which started hurting badly 2 hours later. Happened on my red singlespeed. This marks 95 days since my last fall - that's OK, but I hope it increases.

- 25.05.2007 Around 14:30 was going towards Prisma, the cycling road was blocked because of some works, so I had to go carefully next to a fence, and then this guy was coming from the left, from a place where bikes are not allowed so perhaps I didn't expect it. I hit his rear wheel and fell. Did not hurt myself at all. Even the jacket had only minor scratches, even though I veritably hit the ground.

- 13.06.2007 Washed out on wet gravel on a sharpish turn from the park to the bridge (left turn). RSS, so the tyres are rather smooth and it was raining. And it was gravel. 3 extensive and in parts deep rashes, on my knee, forearm and shoulder.

Long pause in reporting my falls. There were some, though.

- 17.04.2008 Same bridge and bike, but this time going from the bridge to the road, turn to the right. Fell on my right side, hurt but had my jeans on, so I thought I didn't cause any rash. When arrived at work (Micronova), went to bathroom and found that, in spite the jeans not being damaged at all, I had a large road rash on my right thigh/side. Used Tegaderm to heal it.

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Journal of my cycling falls

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