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Journal Pirogoeth's Journal: Bipolar IT Policies 1

From the IT oddities department:

At the place I was temping, they had draconian web filtering software in place that blocked off 90% of the internet. The PCs, however, were completely unlocked and I could install any software I wanted on them. That was great for my geocaching hobby as I was able to install my waypoint management software, and Streets and Trips. I also installed my copy of Dreamweaver Studio and spent my free time developing a site from scratch which earned me a nice bit of spare change.

At the current company, I can browse pretty much anywhere short of pr0n sites. Even high-bandwidth sites like YouTube are allowed. The PCs, however, are so locked down that I can't even plug in a printer without filling out three levels of requests for permissions, and even then, someone has to come out and install it for me. The second time I had to make such a request, I got lucky and was talking to the right person, as he agreed to enable admin rights on my PC temporarily for I could install the drivers I needed. Fortunately, I was prepared with all the other software I wanted to install and did so in the window of time I had available. TAKE THAT, MR. IT MAN!!!

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Bipolar IT Policies

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