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Journal FroMan's Journal: [parenting] Almost 4 months

We visited some friends the previous week and met their new little daughter. She is 2 months old today. After the visit my wife and I both noted that she was jaundaced a little, but also very small for her age. Our friends took her into the doctor last week and it sounds like she is having some trouble with her liver and bile ducts. They will be running some additional tests this week and possibley doing some surgery. However, there is a high chance that she will need to have a liver transplant if this is what they think it is, if not now, by the time she is two, or atleast before she is an adult. Please keep our friends and their daughter in your prayers.

The trick to these lists is pick a number of things you are going to say, like 10. Then start writing them. If you find that you come up short, write a couple forced ones not caring if they are funny or enlightening. Then, cut and paste them all around in a different order so that forced ones are intermingled instead of all at the end and it looks like you ran out of good ones.

1. Link-a-doos. Not just a cute name, but incredibley cool toys. And a delicious part of this nutritional breakfast.

2. Being married is wonderful when having a little kid. No self respecting man could ever go into a pharmacy and pick up something called magic butt cream.

3. Just because the prior 5 nights have been completely uneventful and slept through does not indicate that the next couple nights you will not be up 4-5 times.

4. Those toys that are a mat with tent bars and trinkets hanging from them are great. Infact, it is one of the few things that keep the little guys attention long enough for him to not mind being on his back.

5. Walks are the best, how else will the little bugger get sleep during daylight hours?

6. Car rides are still iffy. However, hanging a couple toys from the handle improved the situation. I still don't like the idea of a 10 hour drive to visit the folks though.

7. Sunday morning schedule: Wake up the little guy. Change him. Feed him. Put the nice sunday clothes on him. Wipe the spitup off the nice sunday clothes. ...

8. I thank the Lord that our little guy is as healthy as can be. It is heart rending to hear of issues that cause harm to little kids.

9. Sitting and standing and walking requires balance. Balance is for chumps and people who want to sit, stand, or walk. And I am going to voice my displeasure that I cannot do any of those things yet.

10. French dressing, bad. Dill pickle juice, bad. Strawberry, good, oops it fell out, put it back in dad, oops, it fell out, put it back in dad, oops.

Like any proud dad, here are some pictures of our little boy.


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[parenting] Almost 4 months

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