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Journal saskboy's Journal: Zero-Day Virus Affecting Bloggers - Blog Dump Virus 1

Last week Microsoft notified people that their animated cursors contain a serious flaw that can be exploited simply by getting a victim to view a malicious webpage or email on their Windows computer.

On Saturday a serious virus that exploits this hole in Windows was discovered in the wild. Symantec, Grisoft, Trisf-Lirpa Software, and McAfee, don't yet have detection for this serious virus threat. There are of course as many names for the virus as there are antivirus vendors, but the most common name you'll hear is the Blog Dump Virus.

The Blog Dump Virus has a two part payload. The first part hacks your website through keystroke detection, and then deletes blog content on both Blogger and WordPress. If you're using it will steal your password and delete your account name which makes it very hard to get your name back! has a policy where it doesn't undelete a blog account which has had its name used, in order to combat spam and fraud.

The second part of the virus payload affects the Windows image mapping process, by changing the orientation of random photos you load in your web browser.

I've developed a browser based test for the virus, and will provide the patch soon if Microsoft doesn't get to it today.

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Zero-Day Virus Affecting Bloggers - Blog Dump Virus

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  • When it turned noon, the alert went away.
    Happy April Fools Day.

    (The animated cursor hole is real unfortunately, just not a virus that attacks specifically blogs and makes pictures show upside down).

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