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Journal Gangis's Journal: Basu Gasu Bakuhatsu

I finally sold that Famicom Game Axe Color that had been lying around for months. ^_^ (It's a portable Nintendo, runs on 6 AA batteries.) Got $88 for it + $9.99 shipping on eBay. So proud of myself. ^^

Well, I broke my digital camera recently (Accidentally dropped it at the JACO party while in costume, damn gloved hands!) and was about to hock it on eBay but tonight I managed to fix it, so yay for me! I was planning on getting a new camera, a much nicer one for $349.99. My current camera is an Olympus Camedia D-380, 2 megapixels. I was planning on getting a Camedia C-4000 (A professional level camera, 4 megapixels). It's worth $700 but can be gotten for $349.99 if you look carefully and don't mind the fact that it was refurbished. But it's a good thing that I fixed my camera. That means I can use it for ACC Expo next weekend in Ft. Lauderdale! Sugoi!

I must have BAKA written on my forehead in a permanent marker (a la Photon.) Last Sunday I was bored and hung out with Rich. And you know what that means, folks? Yup, Susan. So we go to TGI Friday's and have a good meal. I showed Susan how to write her name in Hiragana. Rich needed a favor which I was happy to oblige; he needed to go to the grocery store and pick up groceries since his car was broken. So we all go there and get the groceries. Susan pretty much behaved herself this time, except for when she ran off to read some Harry Potter mini-books. So I felt that everything was okay between us now. Wrong. She begged for a ride again on Thursday (well, not begged, she actually didn't beat around the bush this time) and I told her I would give her a ride on the condition that she help reimburse me for gas. She agreed and so I did. I just hope that she knows that doesn't mean I'll keep giving her rides anytime she wants.

Speaking of my ride, we have 4 problems with it that we know of. 1: The engine misfires a lot, and my dad can't figure out why. 2: The wires for the windshield wipers went bad, and the wipers won't work sometimes. 3: The AC has a serious leak and it looks like we might have to replace the entire unit. 4: The radiator leaks! Big trouble there! My dad and I had a nice talk today and he thinks we will get another car for me soon since all the repairs would be pretty expensive, and we'd rather put the money into a newer (and better) car. I'm thinking of something simple like a 4-door Civic or Altima. Anything to replace my POS Chevy S-10. We'll see.

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Basu Gasu Bakuhatsu

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