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Journal Tragek's Journal: Safari and Slashdot 2

Step One: Open Safari.
Step Two: Open Activity monitor.
Step three: Rig it so you can see both windows at the same time (or use the floating CPU window)
Step four: Open a big slashdot discussion. Apple's iPod release let's say.
Step Five: Have the new comment system on slashdot.
Step six: Scroll.

Watch as your CPU usage goes out of this world.

Bonus: Install a temperature monitor, and watch as you scroll and your temperature spikes too.

It's too bad last time I tried Firefox2 on OSX I tried to shoot myself.

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Safari and Slashdot

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  • Opera 9.10 becomes completely unusable and can manage to use 100% CPU on a Quad G5 under same conditions too. I believe if it was SMP enabled, it would easily hit 390%..

    I reported the bug to Opera, no sign of "fixing" or "we got your bug report".

    The new discussion system of Slashdot is a great browser test tool :)
    • by Tragek ( 772040 )
      The sad thing is, I really like it too. Make trimming the chaff quite easy, and moderation even easier.

Make it myself? But I'm a physical organic chemist!