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Journal superyooser's Journal: U.N. Human Rights Council slammed!

Give this guy a medal! Watch our "Maccabee" hero, Hillel Neuer, hammer the Useless Nations HR (Hypocrites Roster) Council. He nails those rats to the wall, calling them out to be the heartless, Jew-bashing scumbags they are. This is like a dream come true.

But it's hard for me to glory in this smack-down for very long. There is a reason that Council president Luis Alfonso de Alba did not dispute Neuer's criticism. Because the criticism is absolutely true.

Just four days after Neuer's testimony, the UN stopped examining human right violations in Iran and Uzbekistan.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has decided to drop its examination of human rights violations in Iran and Uzbekistan. The step followed a recommendation by most of the five states overseeing the special procedure against Iran and Uzbekistan, which are suspected of violating the human rights of their respective populations.

Council president Luis Alfonso de Alba said the 47-member council has decided "not to continue the examination of the situation" in the two countries, but gave no further details.

This literally makes me sick. Many of the atrocities of the past are the atrocities of the present! We are aghast at the complacency of this world body, and the echoes of "Never again" fall on deaf ears.

Counter to intuition, the existence of a league of nations has hindered the good rather than the evil. Why? Regardless of the reason, it is a mighty blow against the philosophy of humanism and the messianist faith in the efficacy of diplomacy and dialogue to bring about world peace. But I'll give you my opinion: Because the world is evil. Man is inherently evil, not good. The righteous are always the minority. To use a Biblical word, a remnant.

One nation can be good. Two. Three, yes. Twenty? Could be a somewhat decent coalition. 100? You've got a Devil's Council.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Never has there been a better example of this adage than the U.N. It is an abomination that should be abolished immediately.

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U.N. Human Rights Council slammed!

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