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Journal Spy Hunter's Journal: Username switch

I haven't posted anything in a while, and that's because I decided to be modeless instead. But now I think I'll switch back. This account has a lot of history. I'll keep using modeless elsewhere (on Digg, for example), but on Slashdot I'll be Spy Hunter.

In case for some reason you desire more information about my nick choice, here's the deal: I chose Spy Hunter as a reference to the original game, specifically the Commodore 64 version. Since the release of the Spy Hunter remake games, this nick has gotten more popular and I can't get it most places, so I wanted something less common as my online persona.

Modeless is a user-interface term. I always prefer modeless dialog boxes over modal ones, and I can't stand it when dialogs are modal for no good reason. For instance, web browser option dialogs which lock the window used to open them, though every other browser window continues to work just fine. Plus modeless is not in most dictionaries and not already registered at most sites, except hotmail. I think everything has been registered at hotmail.

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