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Journal SolemnDragon's Journal: try this for a bad dream 8

i'm watching from a sort of third person perspective as a story unfolds.

A man. Regular guy. Setting is a random town, he was just passing through on his way to somewhere. He meets a girl, they have dinner. Get along. She's pregnant. He's falling for her anyway. They go to have a drink at the hotel, of course nonalcoholic for you, he say.

Hm, she says.

It's a small town bed and breakfasty place. Three other guests. They talk, he ends up falling unconscious.

Wakes to screams. Which stop, abruptly. He leaves the room to find that she's killed- and eaten- most of the other people in the place, three guests and two staff. She's hungry. She won't eat him, don't worry, she says. Worst part? She's an alien of some sort, and eats them by some form of acid/enzymatic process which leaves them dry, white, half-digested shells, covered in a sort of white coating like the bloom on chocolate or the alkali on homemade soap.

It's horrifying to him, he's sure he's gone mad.

She's going to have her baby. He wants to help at the same time he wants to be nowhere near the place. He figured having the baby will incapacitate her, maybe he can go and get help to get rid of these creatures that prey on his species. (My species.) The baby will kill her, of course, it always does for her species.

She catches him, ties him, says this is the way of her people, i thought you wanted to be around for the birth?

Besides, she says, you know he'll be born hungry.


And that's why eating meat is a problem for me, this imagination of mine.

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try this for a bad dream

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  • by arb ( 452787 )
    I can see how dreams like that could be a problem.

    That'd make a damn cool sci-fi/horror flick though. 8^|

    We've spoken about this before and I believe that the nightmares are a result of your empathetic nature. You should really talk to a professional about these dreams. (A specific type of professional. (I am a professional programmer - the wrong type.) You need to talk to a therapist. (Or a script writer.))

    • yes. I have a therapist. And will be talking to her about them. I'm coming to see these dreams not as something wrong, but something me.
    • by ryanr ( 30917 ) *
      That'd make a damn cool sci-fi/horror flick though. 8^|

      Yes, I think it was called "Species".

      Sorry about the nightmare, Solemn.
    • by Talinom ( 243100 ) *
      We've spoken about this before and I believe that the nightmares are a result of your empathetic nature.

      Sometimes it is easier to experience other's feelings than our own.
    • Gotta agree with the therapy thing. Empathy is great, but taken to extremes it can be bad.
      To be glib, you need to stop anthropomorphizing your food, while it does suck that something has to die to feed you, that's just the way life above the very bottom of the food chain works. Even eating plants usually involves killing them, we just don't think about it that way since they are not animals.

      As for bad dreams, I can truly empathize on them, I've been dealing with these [] for most of my life, and I have th
      • i also get these. [] They are in the top ten worst experiences of my life. I never think they are a dream. I haven't had one in a few months, for which i'm grateful.
        • I count myself lucky that I've not had those (one sleep disorder is enough for anyone). Three things which I have found that help control my episodes are:
          1. Not going to bed too late, according to my wife I am more active when I go to bed late.
          2. Avoid Stress, I get more active at night (talking, moving, shifting stuff around on my nightstand) when I am under a lot of stress.
          3. Keeping my bedroom cool, the summer heat seems to increase the frequency of episodes.
          Not sure if any of those would help you
  • Your dream of a species that eats humans, or my lack of fear of such a dream from being a farmboy and raising/befriending animals that were intended to be eaten?

    For some reason, the only species I wasn't successful with on this as a child was fish- they were too much like pets and they tasted very different than other meat. Which is wierd because the sheep acted more like pets than a fish does.

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