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Journal drinkypoo's Journal: All story submissions should be journal entries! 6

While perusing the Firehose I came to the realization that most of those stories are going to be lost to antiquity. Oh, they'll be discussed on other websites, but slashdot actually provides us journal functionality so that they can be discussed here even if your submission doesn't make it as a story.

This is a call to all to make all of your story submissions as journal entries. Just click the radio button for "Publicize" (which is right under the format pulldown menu) and bingo! Your journal entry shows up in with the list of all the other submissions.

Can anyone see a problem with this approach? I wouldn't eliminate the idea of non-submission journal entries, but in general anything you are willing to submit as a story is something you don't mind having your name attached to...

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All story submissions should be journal entries!

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  • The problem I see is that most users don't drink from the firehose. And it's awfully hard to find the stuff you're looking for with all that noise.
  • ...I think we need the "brains" behind the firehose to get it out of beta first.
    • Yeah well, "brains" probably aren't the problem, motivation is. I know that most of my problems can be solved by adequate application of inspiration. I perspire enough. But more to the point, I'm not sure people are understanding me. I don't want to make all journal entries into submissions. If I did, I'd have said so. I want all submissions to be made into journal entries! Or in short, I want to see the submissions of others :)

      There are of course two reasons for this. One is that a lot of news goes awa

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