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Journal Tsunayoshi's Journal: My daughter

The little one has been potty trained since around last October when she told her mom "No more diapers!" (training pants). She just turned three in January. She still calls everything 'poopoo' no matter what she has to go to the bathroom for, so we just learned to ask her when she is done and do the appopriate clean up if any.

So after her lunch today she goes to the bathroom, and the wife asks me to check up on here since she has learned that adults close the door when they fo, so now she does too. I get in there, find her butt-naked on the toilet just as she finished #1. Before I can ask if she is done, she lets out a little toot.

Dad: What was that?

Daughter: (smiling) That was a fart Daddy!

I fell to the ground rolling, it was so hilarious.

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My daughter

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