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These Aren't Your Daddy's Rent-A-Cops

The implications of all this are frightening, of course. It almost goes without saying that the ramifications to either a national or international peace movement are dire. These companies, driven only by the "ethics" of the post-capitalist market, virtually unregulated, will be increasingly desirous of and able to engage in "push-market" activities. Since their interests are served mainly by the existence of war, they will lobby for war. They really cannot be stopped. Even a few hundred thousand anti-war protesters on American streets make a dent in either their greed or their power.

As another aside . . . former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld's public demonization is nothing more than political theater. In fact, he was able to conduct and maintain the government's mission to privatize much of the US military capability, reducing both budget and accountability. He, in fact, did his job just fine. Even though he'll never be found in a US government office again (unless as a "consultant"), he will surely continue to sell his skills and influence in the private sector.

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Link to Long, Good Read on Blackwater, Dynacorp, etc.

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  • The thing to consider about this is that this is not the first time in American history that corporations have been granted the power to kill with impunity. Recall the dawn of unionization and tent raids, with corporate militias shooting striking workers, then knocking down their families tents' to trap their wives and children inside as they doused them with fuel and set them on fire.

    It's doubtful that this new wave of legalized murderers will produce anything better for America.
    • These companies, driven only by the "ethics" of the post-capitalist market
      These companies, driven only by profit of the government regulated (communist) market...
      • I wouldn't actually define crony capitalism as 'communism", but without a doubt it is a reprehensible form of collectivism that is antithetical to individual liberty. This is something to think about whenever a right-sided libertarian poseur starts ranting about the power and righteousness of free markets, because if queried thoroughly, almost invariably, you'll discover a person who firmly believes that the concept of incorporation in it present-day abomination is an integral part of the free-market, even

        • a right-sided libertarian poseur starts ranting about the power and righteousness of free markets

          Those people are usually, when investigated far enough, anarchists. True libertarians recognize that government does have a legitimate role--however minimal it may be. The object is to define a polynomial between anarchy and totalitarianism, and then solve to find the maxima of personal freedom (where freedom of one does not adversely affect freedom of others) and the minima of cronyism (where the resources of others are not fraudulently funneled to the resources of one).

          The largest problem that I have w

          • No goventment role:

            I sit on your Board of Directors, and vote you - the CEO - an inordinate salary, compensation and severence package. You sit on the board of my corporation, and reciperocate generously.
            • It's so easy yet so many people in this nation are so caught up chasing minimum wage, vaporous terrorists, and starry-eyed over lottery tickets that they will argue (vehemently, violently, derisively, and to the death) with anyone who dares to point out that there is any type of inequity.

              In many ways I am so very happy that I left my job and became homeless: I have an endless source of amusement watching these folks (especially here in wealthy La Jolla) who love to put on aires, act high-class, and leech f
              • Speaking of the trespassing ticket how about the ticket for speeding, drunk driving, and the 3 warrants for your arrest in the state of maryland. Are we having a problem with the game you played since kindergarten. The game of running from your problems. The game of not taking responsibility for your own actions. Oh it is always someone elses fault. They put the bottle in your hand. They gave you the keys to the car. They forced you to drive. Devastated when we learn that this system is of no surprise to us
                • The game of running from your problems

                  Maybe the game is that my problem keeps chasing after me. Have you made any other posts on this website except to harass me?

                  3 warrants for your arrest in the state of maryland

                  One traffic stop makes three traffic tickets means three warrants. So what? You're deliberately trumping it up just as the police did by writing three tickets. Abuse of power. Nothing new.

                  amazed that you even got this far in the game

                  True. Had it been up to you, Thomas, Karen, and Jason then I would have succumbed to your astronomical levels of abuse and been buried years ago. Then the money could have been split evenly

                  • Hmm let me think. fact. stalking charge georgia. Lets see ex wife. i have custody of the kids hmm you do the math. My dui hmmm not guilty by a jury of my peers. I paid for the attorney. (funny how having a job you can pay for things.) kidnappped my kids huh? I have custody(full mind you) she pays me child support i can go wherever i want fact. Remember i have facts on my side when you stop lying to yourself then you will remember there were countless times that you beat your younger brother you choose to
                    • stalking charge georgia. Lets see ex wife. i have custody of the kids hmm you do the math

                      No math needed. You confided in me. You were picked up for aggravated stalking (felony) because you kept following her around everywhere. I don't remember how you said you slipped out of it--though I do remember that you said that Thomas put up the money or collateral for your bail (was it $12k?). You have custody of the kids because you picked them up and ran like heck back to Wisconsin. The ex-wife doesn't have the monetary resources to chase you down and, truthfully, she's probably glad to be rid o

                    • I dont think i wood ever in my life have said i was stalking her. Fact my boss took me to ga. in an effort tp pick up the childrens belongins after she called me to get them. Lets get facts straght. How did i slipp ot of it lets see .....hmmmhmmmmm...... maybe the D.A. charged her with filing false police report. As to the ex not having the monetary reserves heck her lawyer was free..... boy you have a lot to learn. Fl website simple case search nassau county you know my name and hers do some reading. Even
          • Why do you defame anarchists with association to Libertarians, especially these modern-day right-sided ones who placed more importance on eminent domain issues than upon the theft of habeas corpus in the last election cycle? this bunch of modern-day libertarians are a dark-stain upon the very concept of personal liberty.

            Besides, Anarchists can always end up with the last retort in all political arguments: "look at the alternative..." The state is a beast, it must be domesticated and yoked, for its onl

        • I wouldn't actually define crony capitalism as 'communism"

          True, a better term would be Maoism- that's where they learned it. Wal-Mart taught it to them after the death of Sam Walton, the last true capitalist in that family.
  • It seems that Federalism still possesses a double edge...

    War contractor suffers setback in suit [sacbee.com]
    By Pete Yost -- Associated Press Writer
    Sacramento Bee - February 26, 2007

    A private security company sued by the families of four employees slain in Iraq suffered a setback Monday when the Supreme Court refused to intervene in the case.

    Blackwater Security Consulting LLC has been trying unsuccessfully to have the wrongful death lawsuit against it transferred from the North Carolina state court system to the

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