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Journal GMontag's Journal: Home Biodiesel Refinery 1

On the SPEED channel the Truck Universe show is now playing an episode on Alternative Fuels: How to make your own biodiesel with the Fuel Meiser system.

Shows how to determine the proper amount of lye, washing the impurities out and other steps. Pretty interesting, but if I had a diesel I would just stick with the traditional diesel. Well, maybe if I owned a fast food place and had access to lots of used cooking oil, but otherwise it still looks like a bit of an annoyance.

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Home Biodiesel Refinery

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  • On Dirty Jobs, I think, Rowe visited a guy that powered his 88(?) Datsun pickup with his own biodiesel. The "simple" and "cheap" process involved going around and asking restaurants for their garbage, hauling their garbage home, sending it through various expensive contraptions, running tests on the product, etc., etc., etc. But it's so simple we should all be doing it!

    Hobbies are things I can get into, and if someone's hobby is to go through all of the effort to do this for fun, then good for them. I'm

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