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Journal Le Marteau's Journal: Take this job and shove it! Part II 4

Nizo and robi, thanks for the reply the other day. I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm just in a mood.

Some background into the situation. My current boss (and in two weeks, FORMER boss, thank God) is a late thirties something woman, with serious mental issues, who has made my work life miserable and is the main reason I quit. Used to work at the same company as I did, years ago. Along with my best friend. And her current boss.

I was talking to my best friend some time ago about my boss, and he goes, "has she sexually harassed anyone yet?". And I do a double-take. "Who did she harass?" I ask. And he gives me this look.

Him. Turns out my boss sexually harassed my best friend, while he directly reported to her.

Long story short, they were in a sexual relationship, with he being her direct report. He tried to break it up after a while, she was obsessed with him, and to make a long story short, she ended up being compelled to see the company psychiatrist (I know that for a fact because she TOLD me how 'out-of-his-mind' the psychiatrist was).

Oh, and the harasser's current boss (a real Lumberg) used to work at the same company. They're buds, and he knew about the issues. Yet, he recommended her for her current position and she would not be working where I work if not for him.

Enough background. So I officially delivered my resignation today to the director of the department. Referring to my current boss (the harasser), I said, "I just have to know. (My boss) and I used to work at the same company. Were you aware that she was compelled to see the company psychiatrist?"

My Ace in the hole. I had been waiting many months for just the right time to play that card. Probably played it too late, but it was worth the wait.

"No, I was not."

Well, I told him all about it, and the meeting soon was over, my resignation having been accepted.

Not long after, the director comes up to my cube, and asks me not to tell anyone else about what I shared earlier that day. "Just trust me on that," he said. I say, "I never have (told anyone at the company)"

I don't know if that was a threat on his part, or a confiding that he aims to make things right.

My harassing boss and her boss were both out today. I have a feeling the director will have to ask him and possibly her about the issues I brought up. And, of course, why he saw fit to refer her and recommend her without sharing this little issue with the director.

Should make for an interesting day tomorrow. I will accept no less than a sincere apology for having subjected me to reporting to such a mental case.
But I'm not holding my breath, and the resume polishing continues, the old-email reading continues, and lining up references and such continues.

And I am very much looking forward to the exit interviews, with HR and such.

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Take this job and shove it! Part II

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  • Pun intended, I guess.

    Let me know what you're looking for, if you're looking that hard. :) I might know of something. Might not.

    Good luck. :)
  • ....she's fucking the guy you turned your resignation in to, and he told you to keep it quiet because crazy nookie is the best nookie, and he's never had it so good.

    Am I right?
    • Very cool with the 'mentat projection'.

      Interesting. I had not considered that angle. Mainly because I view her a such a pig and would not have her with ANYONES probe, and my director is actually kind of hot in his British, Machiavellian way (not saying I'm gay or bi, just that I know hot and not). But now that you frame it that way... I had not factored that in at all, even though it would be low on the probabilities. Interesting possibility. Should have considered it.

      But the end-game is on. That line
  • I think you did the right thing quitting. Even if finding a new job might take some time, having your soul eaten away is just too high a price to pay for virtually anything. And in the long run, based entirely on personal experience, making the choice to preserve one's soul come what may, works out for the best. How does it? I don't know. It's a mystery.

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