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Journal FictionalAccount's Journal: Justice & Love On The IT Battlefield


He glanced up again for what seemed like the twentieth time that hour. She was still sitting in that chair, one leg crossed under another, a pen dangling idly from her mouth as she tapped through the day's TPS reports. She glanced up from her keyboard and smiled at him. He quickly looked away, pretending he had been checking the clock.

"What's up Jhon? Got a big date? Rearin' to go?"

He laughed. "Oh, you know me! Always trying to beat the clock!." He had to cover, couldn't let her know his secret.

The buzzer went off. An alert. Great, a distraction! He grabbed his taser and ran down the hall towards the DMZ. Those office plebs were at it again, and a little "instruction" would do them right. His front-line defenders had already dragged the poor bastard from his cubicle by the time he had cleared the security checkpoint and made his way through the cube lot.

"What do we have?"

"Not much sir. Seems this pleb here decided to get uppity and bring in his Ipod."

"Really? Music lover huh?" Jhon grabbed the offending digital device from the plebs trembling hand and threw it on the ground. "Do you know what this could do to us? Do you know the logic attacks ITForce puts down every day? Do you like living? Breathing that air?" He forced the tazer into the pleb's chest, a little curl in his lip as the luser jolted in pain. Jhon released the pathetic, wimpering windozer and turned to his guards.

"Take him down to processing and have him wiped. He might have something left in there we don't want getting out."

Jhon wiped his brow. Tossing that slob around had broken a sweat. It felt good to be useful. He turned to see her standing there. She was smiling. She liked to see him work. He remembered that not too distant day when he had pulled her from the cube farm and began her training. He had seen talent; had he seen more? He was old enough to be her father...yet maybe that wasn't the issue. One day she would be his equal, her powers as great as his own, maybe even better from the looks of it.

Someday she would see him as more than her trainer and Master IT Knight.

Someday she would be his.
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Justice & Love On The IT Battlefield

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