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Journal CyberKnet's Journal: The Art Of The "I Didn't Care Anyway..."

Quick entry...

I had an interview at a local company through that recruitment agency. The company was great, their IT Manager was switched on, had great interpersonal skills, and really pitched the job well. I wanted it. Unfortunately that placement agency had sent me on a job for helpdesk support/network admin/(very small amount of) software development. It goes without saying... I didn't get the job. My resume was tuned to my programming skillset. Why do placement agencies do this? Anyway, I still have a job. So no huge issue.

I also went out got the biggest goddamn book on .NET that I could find. Now I know what you're thinking... just hold it in for a few minutes. A guy has got to work to make money, and there just *arent* enough linux programming jobs out there for all of us. So I program windows, and windows is moving to .NET, which means I am rapidly being left behind. And anyone can tell you that that equates to missed job opportunities. Something I cannot afford to have. So. I have 1400 pages of goodness to read, and I'm 70 pages in.

Looks like I'll be busy for the next little while.

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The Art Of The "I Didn't Care Anyway..."

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