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Journal eugene ts wong's Journal: Military 14

Hi all.

The military is awesome. It's probably 1 of the best career decisions that I've made. Everybody seems real nice. There seems to be great camaraderie.

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  • Just so long as you are never asked to travel to exotic distant lands and meet exciting, unusual people and kill them, then it's peachy.
    • Yeah. I am already debating about that. I was intending to never go to the Middle East, but now I'm wondering if I should go. There is no pressure from them. It's just that I want some real experience.
  • I'm glad to hear it's going well for you.
  • Seriously, it's good to hear that you like it. It did a world of good for my ex-brother-in-law.

    Nice to hear from you. Please keep us posted, if you have the time.
    • by kormoc ( 122955 )
      nah, he's in the *canadian* military. They practice writing tickets ;)

      In all serriousness, glad to hear from you Eugene, glad to hear it's going well :)
      • Hi Kormoc.

        Thanks for the reply.

        It's interesting that you said that. I hear that we actually spend time directing traffic as well. I think that it is supposed to be related to disater relief and control.
    • Instead of telling you when I meet them, I'll let you guess by the new language that I use. For example, "I was ####### walking down the ####### road, the other ####### day, and I saw a ####### cop. He started giving trouble. That ####### cop!". ;^)

      Thanks for the reply. :^)
  • My oldest step-son got stationed in Korea, which wasn't so good. He had too much time on his hands, and isn't very grown up, so he didn't throw himself into anything constructive. Just the opposite, in fact.
    • That's a good point that you raise. I think that I'll bring a bunch of paper with me, if I get stationed in a quiet place. I'll also bring a French dictionary, so that I can practise my reading comprehension.

      Thanks for the reply.
  • or that is what i head / read. learn lots, learn fast, and enjoy the time. And of course Be Safe (FWIW: the standard police officer salutation)

    • Hi Jason.

      Thanks for the advice. It seems to so obvious, and a man might be inclined to just tune out when he hears it, but it really is important. 1 of the things that scared me about going to Afghanistan is that I could be going on a routine patrol and be killed by a roadside bomb. All of that training would result in nothing; not even a glorious death. That's why I'm constantly surprised by the number of soldiers in my regiment who are signed up to go to Afghanistan this year. The way that people talk abo
  • i'm glad things are working out for you. do you get to wear those great pants that are only baggy down to the knee? sorry, the first canadian uniformed official i picture in my mind is usually a mounty.
    • :^) No, our pants don't look baggy, but they make you look overweight, though. I can't figure out why everybody looks like they are overweight. I think that it is the style of the tunic and the pants.

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