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Journal SolemnDragon's Journal: Scenes from home 5

dragon: what klind of origami would you like?

blinder: a panda

dragon: (busy folding) um... i think it might be a kind of monkey-panda.

blinder: all right.

dragon: (folding some more, checking mistakes, and looking at diagram) Maybe not a monkey. Maybe more of a... um...

blinder: Whatcha making, dragons?

dragon: i give up.


dragons: look, i made this! (holds up little origami box shaped like a house)

blinder: it's a... thing!


kitten likes the age-old game of parachute sheet, which consists of us trying to make the bed while she runs around like crazy. We always joke about her hunting "bed mice." Well, one of my origami projects got caught up under the sheet as she was running around and we were trying to make the bed.

kitten: MOMMY! Bed mouse! SAVE ME!

*kitten promptly panics*

blinder: If she ever caught a real mouse she'd die of a heart attack

dragon: so would the mouse.

blinder: "Mouse, you were NEVER SO SAFE. If you had to be caught by a cat... "

dragon: we're using the term "cat" pretty loosely, here.

blinder: she'd probably snuggle it to death.


kitten: get-out-of-bed-and-get-me-a-dish-of-milk!

dragon: kitten, it's the weekend. Here., Have a kiss and now let me sleep.

kitten: MEOW ("get-out-of-bed-and-get-me-a-dish-of-MILK!")

dragon: If i do, you're getting your MEDICINE, too!

kitten: ...never mind...

(kitten will gladly wait for milk if it means her meds wait, too.)


kitten: CHOMP! (bites my hand.)

dragon: OW!

kitten: i'm sorry i was asleep and i thought it was a steak

dragon: hmph

kitten: CHOMP! (bites my hand again)

dragon: HEY! OW!

kitten: i'm sorry i was awake and thought it was your hand


Whenever i cook rice, kitten gets excited because i might be making sushi, and it might involve tamago. I never met a cat who liked eggs so much. I think it's weird. It makes it very surreal to cook a stirfry with rice when the cat's there yelling at you to add eggs.


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Scenes from home

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  • My cat, traditionally, does not bite. She will start a light bite if we have been running the comb through her fur for too long, and/or she doesn't like the particular comb. She likes the sharper ones in the beginning, but after the initial 'scratch the itch' part is done, she wants combs with stubbier / rubber teeth. But I digress. The point is, she doesn't bite, except after tolerating something and then deciding it is now too much.

    Except yesterday.

    I guess I spent too much time on the computers for two

  • by Tet ( 2721 )
    kitten: MOMMY! Bed mouse! SAVE ME!

    Huh? Your feline sounds defective! In my house, it goes more like:

    Kitten: Bed mouse! Kill! Dismember! I shall not suffer a bed mouse to live!
    Kitten: Daddy? Why are you yelping so?
    Kitten: Sorry, can't worry about what the matter is with you right now. The bed mouse is moving again. It must die. Die, I tell you!

  • Anyway, this would be funnier posted over at Multiply. *bats eyes*
    • by arb ( 452787 )
      The reply button is where it has always been - stick with the classic interface instead of the beta discussion2 crud.

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