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Journal Czarina Burrito's Journal: Real Estate Fantasy Hour 9

My house sold. You know, the one I was going to buy just as soon as I saved up $320,000 for a 20% down payment. I've decided that I need to set my sights a little lower, at least until I can afford an $8,000 mortgage payment. That should be any day now, right?

So Some Guy and I are looking at condos (yes, I know they are not the best real estate investment; it's a compromise). Of course, we won't be able to afford one until about a year after he returns from The Land Which Shall Not Be Named. So of course I went to an Open House last weekend. It's the voyeur in me. He wants to see the place this weekend (new development, the owner is hanging out there every weekend until all units sell), but I really don't want him to recognize me. Of course he will. I just hate for him to think that I'm actually going to buy one of his condos anytime in the next 2 years.

Poll: How should I disguise myself?

A) Thelma and/or Louise
B) Standard spy glasses with attached moustache
C) Wooden horse
D) Houseplant
E) Ski mask
F) Invisibility cloak
G) Pregnant zombie nun

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Real Estate Fantasy Hour

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  • by arb ( 452787 )
    Spy glasses and moustache for sure! A big bushy black moustache. And a big fake plastic nose too. You'll be totally inconspicuous. 8^{)
    • I agree with arb. I've never recognised anyone with that combo.

      You could always sport a greasepaint moustache and carry a cigar. He'd likely not recognise you then, either.
  • Wear a weirdly patterned head-scarf with large sunglasses.

  • But only if you post pics so we can verify that you're suitably inconspicuous;-)
  • Ethelred.

    Oh, wait, you wanted no one to notice you. Well, carry on.



  • One nice thing is you don't have to mow the lawn or take care of the yard :-)

    Make sure you don't have anyone living above you, or that you get a unit near an entrance to the complex or overlooking a busy street or a parking lot (all of which I regret doing the last time I lived in a condo). Basically think twice about getting one overlooking anywhere people congregate or cars drive (pool comes to mind as well).

    Oh and don't worry about a disguise; just wear a low-cut dress/blouse. He won't even look at your

    • I don't think there is a single quiet unit in this place. There aren't any parking lots within view of the building, but there are businesses nearby. It only has 24 units in a 3-floor L-shaped building. The center of the L is the communal patio. One side of the L is a busy road. Of course, I spent several years living on busy roads and lived with airplane noise for so long that I just got used to the hourly rumbling. Last year, Some Guy lived in an apartment by the most actve train tracks I've ever hea
      • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
        About the heating: true, though the one I lived in, gas was "free" (included in the HOA). Of course, as retarded as I am, I bought a south facing unit, so I paid a bundle in cooling during the summer :-( Basically I can't imagine how I could have picked a worse unit; it was right near the garbage dumpster, next to the only entrance, facing a big busy parking lot next to a really busy road, on the 2nd of three floors, underneath a rental unit. I looked at two other units that would have been better, and for
        • Okay, that sounds pretty bad. :^) I hope you didn't have too much trouble selling it.

          I actually want a south-facing unit, but there are none in this building, because the south side of the building is inches away from the next building. They designed the building/units such that none of them have windows/balconies on that side. My plants need light and are displeased at this prospect.

          The association fee at this place only includes the bare minimum: trash, sewer, and hot water (presumably just the heating,

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