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Journal Dark Kenshin's Journal: Switching to OpenBSD 1

In the past few years my computer experiences have changed around wildly. I have swayed between using a computer all day long, to not using one for days. My most recent change has put me back to using a computer on a frequent daily basis, both at home and at work. I have since noticed that my regular activities on my computers have changed considerably. I no longer am the avid gamer I once was, and now spend my time doing more "productive"(used very loosely) things on my computer.

In light of that fact, I have now decided to change all but my one main computer in my home to run OpenBSD. I already have the CD's and the beer needed to make a smooth install party. It will be a nice feeling to know that most of the shit I do on a daily basis will just work, and not have to worry about all the problems that windows brings.

And for those of you who have installed one of the BSDs, here is a list of my partition:

wd0a: / (root) - 150M

wd0b: (swap) - 300M

wd0d: /tmp - 120M

wd0e: /var - 80M.

wd0g: /usr - 500M

wd0h: /home - 100M

wd0i: /porn 100 Terabytes

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Switching to OpenBSD

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