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Journal Zarf's Journal: Larval Stage 1

They used to say you were a geek in "larval stage" if you pulled more than one all nighter in a row. It was a sign that you were gestating some major hackage. I've noted that "larval stage" symptoms have recurred at different times in my life. Each time I learn a new programming language I kind of geek-out for a while, up late, up early, forget to eat, forget about a lot of things while I hyper focus on learning the new technology in front of me. I'm coming out of the longest "larval stage" I've ever had. I spent over a year on it. And, in hind-sight I wonder why it took so much intensity? It never seems like that big a deal after I've learned the thing...
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Larval Stage

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  • So what is it?

    It never seems like that big a deal after I've learned the thing...

    You're probably a lot smarter than me then. I recall the transition from C/procedural thinking to C++/object-oriented thinking took me some time, and I still haven't internalized some of the major design patterns, nor mastered the more obscure corners of that language. Another example: It took me a while to wrap my brain around MS's COM and ATL. Even after I finally could say that I did, I still see it as a huge, difficult deal

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