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Input Devices

Journal AntiFreeze's Journal: Razer Copperhead

So I bought a Razer Copperhead off of Woot a few weeks ago when it was $35, but never got around to actually plugging it in any playing with it.

Holy hell, this is the most sensitive, most awesome mouse I've ever used in my life.

I am floored by how awesome it is.

I'm that guy who really hates how insensitive mice are, the kind where when most people sit down at my desk, ask me how the hell I can use the mouse because it's so sensitive and flies across the screen. That's when I complain it's still choppy and not good enough for me.

This is supposed to be a gaming mouse. This mouse will be seeing a lot of firefox and MS Office utilities instead.

Hell, it's got 7 (seven!) buttons. You can even assign macros to them. For instance, as of right now, the button under my thumb's knuckle is macro'd to ctrl-t. I can now open new tabs in firefox without touching the keyboard :)

And yes, I know someone is going to mention mouse gestures here. I do not care; I can click a button on mouse to accomplish the same thing!

I am very very very happy with this new mouse.

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Razer Copperhead

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