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Journal Flamesplash's Journal: Wii or Me

My previous JE about my suspect Native American ancestry came to mind today and I decided to do a quick google search.

"dna racial heritage test"

The first result was dead on giving me The Genetic Testing Laboratories, Inc's Earth Origins DNA Ancestory test.

I'm kind of suspect about such things as found over the internet. I guess I feel that anything medical related should be done via a doctor, as well the idea of sending a swab of my DNA off to some random company with a website is somewhat suspicious. But the price is much better than I expected. For this particular place it's $274, about the same price as a Wii including tax.

As it is I'm still waiting until I can just walk into Target and pick up a wii. I've looked on ebay but am unwilling to pay more than what I'd pay in a store, so "good deals" often disappear in the last minute of an auction. This is all a sign of how little video games really excite me anymore. I want one, but I can certainly wait a while. So, maybe that money could be put too more interesting use, like a genetic breakdown.

Currently, it is just a thought, but it would be kinda useful. It would cover me and my brothers in one go, as well my sister-in-law could use it to help direct filling in the geneology tree. Probably not hard to find the right Irish male McDaniel down my dad's side, but the native american supposedly was on the female side, so could help there, as well my mom's side is fairly unknown.

It could be interesting, though maybe I should go the whole nine yards and get the full medical breakdown. Though I have already decided I only want to know about the correctable, or genetically passable things that otherwise I can do something about. I started reading Genome a while ago, and boy did that make me scared of DNA profiling.

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Wii or Me

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