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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Multiply 19

After serious consideration, I'm probably going to move to multiply, myself. My id was created a couple days ago (same ID as here), but I think I'll actually move journals over to it.

Most people that aren't on ask "what's so sexy about it"? The answer is it does everything we do here, plus a lot more (pictures, music, etc... but not terrible like myspace). The things its missing? The front page.
Now most people feel like there will be no more growth in the /. circle, which I feel is incorrect. The growth will be probably the same, but the reason will be different.
Right now, growth comes from a new slashdot id that stumbles onto us. We have lots in common, cause, most likely, the new person is a geek like the rest of us.
In Multiply, the new friends will come from other friends friends (follow that?). Basically, I'll become a friend of one of blinder's friends. Since blinder and I have a lot in common, his friend will, most likely, be compatable with me, also, so then the circle grows. Its just as open ended as the growth we have here, even more so, especially in the beginning.

I'd suggest everyone getting an ID, and start friending everyone up. I'd also suggest setting up your messages to only get the 'daily' email, not new emails for every little thing (as that is annoying as hell). Maybe do a weekly thing, who knows. Anyway, I'll still be around here, but probably not many more journals (especially since my journals have fallen off)...
Oh, and its easy to keep in touch with those that DON'T move there, as you can setup an RFF feed for your friends' journals here...
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  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    You talked me into it -- I went over and "Otter" is taken as is the "FLastname" I use on sites where the readership isn't largely insane. I did register "FMLastname" (probably for the same reason the other two got snapped up) but didn't view that as a positive omen.

    Actually, FLastname is a pretty good nick, and *was* available, so I snapped it up too, which also explains where "Otter" went...

  • Some bastard took "grub" already so I'm just plain ol' "grieder"

    Mail to "multiply at grub dot net" will catch my eye.

    Will dig into this more later on in the day.
  • by ellem ( 147712 ) *
    ellem is for everything but poli sites
    baphometsadvocate for poli sites

    ellem is already taken
  • Have fun.
    • by Abm0raz ( 668337 ) *
      Again, what she said. When you guys get done with this incarnation of "OMGWTF!!11! DUDEZ! THIS NEW SITE ROXERS! O RLY? YA RLY! LET'S JET AND GO THERE INSTEAD!" phase, I'll still be here waiting.

  • Adding friends of friends to your contact list isn't exactly growth. And as far as pictures and whatnot are concerned, about all I'm interested in are tips on new music. What I'm really interested in is what people have to say, what they write. Everything that I've seen so far from the Multiply emails is the background noise - the banter that happens among friends. That's not a bad thing, but it's not the best of the community. Here, we created a community on a site that is fundamentally an issues-orie
    • But i'm not going to switch over. Yes, i have an identity over there- but i won't be friending every slashdotter in the world. Why? Because i don't plan to use it like i do slashdot. I will be posting things to share with real friends from my real life, and those are only for people i'm actually comfortable giving my name and address to.

      So i have no desire to make it the next slashdot. the thing i LIKE about slashdot is its public nature. Take that away, and you have a networked friends site- nice, but not

      • i'm not diving in to this one. I remember nationstates and orkut.

        See, I never went to nationstates and don't remember it as anything other than a game.

        Orkut, I don't recall that we were looking for a replacement at the time, it was a diversion and it was invitation-only. The walls made it alluring. I forget why we didn't just stay there. Maybe no journal system? *shrug*

        I need to play around with access levels and such at Multiply. Also, I wonder how open the programmers are to suggestions we might have, whi
  • But where will we get our flame wars from?

    I might try it if it's not blocked from work, or on the weekends, if nothing else than to get away from this message:

    It's been 16 seconds since you hit 'reply'.

    Indicating, of course, that I can't think fast enough to have an interesting thought that takes less than 20 seconds to type.
  • I made one. Can't say I'll screw with it too much, we'll see.

    ememalb is the username.
  • by sulli ( 195030 ) *
    I set up an account but why go to the trouble to add friends again over there when I have them here? It seems like a lot of work, work that I've done previously on friendster and orkut and tribe and then forgot about.

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

"Never face facts; if you do, you'll never get up in the morning." -- Marlo Thomas