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Journal Ethelred Unraed's Journal: The Super Bowl thus far 21

Has to be the weirdest Super Bowl I've ever seen. Good Lord, any more turnovers and I'll think this is an NFL Europe game.

That first kickoff return was fscking awesome, though. I thought it was kinda funny how it looked like he was watching himself on the 40' display.

Unfortunately the Bears offense looks about as limp as the weather. Losing your RB with a ground-based offense is also Not Good(TM).

So while I'm an old NFC guy (go 'Skins!) and thus am rooting for da Bears, I have to say it looks like the Colts are going to win it as they wear the Bears D down. If I can keep my eyes open for the rest of the game, that is (since it's now 2:30 am). Yeesh.

And while I've never been much of a fan of Prince, I have to say that halftime show rocked.

Unfortunately the Krauts seem to have sent a bunch of complete utter amateurs over to do their production. All kinds of weird cuts and camera angle choices, nonsensical commentary, and for God's sake Boris Becker as a commentator (WTF?), with insipid remarks on the number of players with German last names. Their man on the field just sits at one end of it and never leaves his spot, and they occasionally cut down to him for information about injuries or whatnot, and he just rambles on about how he's getting soaked, while having no useful information whatsoever (even when directly asked about something, he just whines about being soaked).

Thus if any of you ever complains about Madden or Theismann or whatever, it could be much worse.

UPDATE Rex Grossman (hey! a German last name! :-P ) has to be the worst quarterback ever in a Super Bowl. And with that I'm off to bed. Congrats in advance to the Colts.

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The Super Bowl thus far

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  • I had forgotten about the stupor bowl...

    • If you'd study the game, you'd find it plays like a great game of chess, but most nerds just see its full of jocks and try to make clever names out of it as an insult.

      And, Ethelred... he WAS looking at the jumbotron during the return. All returners, do. The reason is so they can see if someone is gaining on them, or if its ok to slow down a bit on their way to the endzone...
      • And, Ethelred... he WAS looking at the jumbotron during the return. All returners, do. The reason is so they can see if someone is gaining on them, or if its ok to slow down a bit on their way to the endzone...

        Heh. That occurred to me after writing the JE, though he did seem to let up for a while and someone (I forget who) did catch him a couple of yards too late, knocking him over in the end zone.

        I guess I just never noticed them doing it before -- the replays they showed over here clearly showed him

  • 'Cos we got a bunch of American (and Canadian) guys over here helping out with the fires, we put the SuperBowl on one of the big screens in the Emergency Control Centre. Earlier there were some loud cheering coming from the ECC and we all wondered what had happened - turned out someone had just scored a touchdown...

    Kinda a strange event if you ask me, but then I s'pose our AFL Grand Final might elicit the same sort of comment from you guys...
    • announcer said something about it looking like the AFL. I just chuckled and said "oh, please..." :)

      And re:Prince? Always a favorite of mine, and he kicked ass. I remember, what, the Stones, Aerosmith, Britney, Justin, Janet....

      They were pretty much all lip-synching or pantomiming playing along. Prince was playing live and shredding and singing live. Awesome show. Best Super Bowl halftime show I remember seeing. Probably best ever.

      The game? Pretty good too. :)
      • by arb ( 452787 )
        See, we get the entertainment out of the way before the game. Once the first siren sounds is it GAME ON and we get nothing but football. At half time, the "entertainment" consists of the AFL AusKick kids (ie, little league) playing their games on the ground for 20 minutes, then it is back to the big boys.
      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
        didn't he fucking jam? it was the best part of the game next to the touchdown return, when i thought we had a chance. other than that, the bears just didn't show up. i don't think the colts won it as much as the bears lost it. the bears, when clicking, were a team with heart and a much better offense. this was disappointing as all hell.

        i turned to wdb and said, "this is the best superbowl performance i've ever seen--better than U2!!!" he channeled fucking jimi tonight.

        bad rex once again. :( we need a
        • bad rex once again. :( we need a new quarterback. he's a nice guy and all and i feel for him, but lord did he SUCK.

          Not to mention fumbling the snap three times. I mean, the Bears fumbled the snap three times. The indoor-lovin' Colts I could understand. But the Bears?!

          At times it was like they had their third-stringers out there, like on the first Colts TD when the Bears safety got burned badly. OK, he made up for it later by stopping some other near-TDs, but I couldn't believe a Super Bowl team's safe

        • Oh, he was awesome. I can't believe the number of people I'm reading who didn't like it or didn't care. I mean, if you don't care, don't watch. You can't slag the musical genius of our times for playing the show, and you can't say he didn't tear it up.

          Reading Peter King's Monday Morning QB column, he had two comments on it. One: "Prince shmince". The second was some story about how Rick Reilly said instead of calling Prince the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, he calls him "The Artist Formerly Known".

          Talk a
      • You sure he was live? He sounded great, but I thought that I saw some sync problems. Like the guitar continuing when he wasn't playing it. And a couple of vocal oddities.

        I have to say that it would not be my choice to play an electric guitar while standing in water (even the little bit that accumulated on that stage).

        Definitely the best halftime show that I can remember.
        • I wasn't sure myself. I also noticed some weird sync problems. In the end I chalked it up to a borked time delay (to prevent making children's eyes and ears bleed and baby Jebus cry), because there were other parts where there was just no way it was synced. Maybe it was only partially synced, but I don't know for sure.

          What was especially cool was the way the entire stadium was synced into the show, with the 360-degree screen and fireworks around the edge and so on. That was pretty slick. I had to grin to

        • Pretty sure - I'll watch again tonight when I get home from work, but I don't recall seeing any problems. He even ad-libbed something about the rain.

          The only time I heard the guitar playing when his right hand wasn't on it was when he was shredding the hammer-ons with his left hand. Seriously blew me away. Frighteningly good. :)

          Playing a guitar into a wireless pack would be different (to me) than plugged in to an amp proper, which would scare the bejezus out of me. Like Gavin Rossdale's performance on an MT
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    Football: One positive note -- it's fun having a Super Bowl that looks like football. I'm shivering watching it, though. Bottom line is, the AFC is just that much better. New England or San Diego would also crush Chicago, or New Orleans or Seattle.

    Ads: A pretty slow year. Those CareerBuilder ads and the Bud Light hitchhiker ad are the only even amusing ones; the Chevy ad with the suicidal robot was ... misguided. The Kevin Federline ad was funny but a) everyone has seen it already and b) does anyone remembe

    • Football: One positive note -- it's fun having a Super Bowl that looks like football.

      Exactly. People may roll their eyes when John Madden goes on about having gunk stuck in helmets and players covered in muck, but hey, that's the real spirit of the game. Indoor football is arguably much worse than indoor baseball, let alone on plastigrass.

      Bottom line is, the AFC is just that much better.

      Heh. That's still jarring for me to hear, because when I was growing up, the NFC just dominated everything. The

    • the Chevy ad with the suicidal robot was ... misguided.

      Yeah, it was like, if any of our employees fuck up, just once, we'll fire their ass, the depression will be too much to bear, and they'll kill themselves.

      Fear of unemployment and death makes for better quality.
  • You just knew those two late game passes would be intercepted the moment he threw them. Good job by the Colts to not get fazed by the weather.
  • And while I've never been much of a fan of Prince, I have to say that halftime show rocked.

    Prince? Huh? All we got was talk about the effects of the extended half time break, and some discussion among the commentary team. I didn't even realise there was half time entertainment at all. Ho hum. Oh, and Billy Joel needs to learn how to sing.

    • Heh. Yeah, Billy didn't exactly do too well last night.

      ARD [] pretty much just sent out an unfiltered, unvarnished feed from the Super Bowl, with no ads or anything. They hardly even showed their own commentators, oddly enough. It seemed like they had access to the same cameras as CBS (for example, they also had the virtual field lines that CBS uses) and could pick what camera they wanted, but they had a strange habit of picking rather weird views (such as the camera floating over the field). So they showed

  • When I was in Peru, the local editing was atrocious. We actually MISSED a touchdown because they didn't know how to time commercials with the game tempo. Commercial came on, we all took a bathroom break, sat back down to a kick return and were like "WTF?"
  • the commentators could be equally impressed with the percentage of german last names in just about any american activity. the two most prevelant nationalities in the heritage of modern americans are irish and german.

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