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Journal corbettw's Journal: Chavez beats Bush in race to dictatorship 4

Chavez has done it, he's beat Bush* in the race to become a dictator.

The Congress of Venezuela has granted Hugo Chavez the kind of authority that liberals in American think George Bush desperately desires: the ability to rule by decree. Who wants to take bets on how many liberals denounce this action and start calling Chavez a bloody tyrant the way they do Bush?

*I don't think Bush wants to be a dictator. Hell, I'm not convinced he wants to be a President!

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Chavez beats Bush in race to dictatorship

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  • Not the world.

    Still, the act passed was even called an "Enabling Act"

    • We can take consolation that Bush really isn't running anything. Heh, gotta admit, this guy Chavez makes world politics almost as entertaining as pro-wrestling. The sincerity of the main players is at about the same level. He'd beat the livin' crap outta Bush is a steel cage match. Wouldn't that be a sight. It would make ratings history.
    • Re: (Score:1, Troll)

      by corbettw ( 214229 )
      Bush doesn't run the world, either. Not by a long shot.

      So we now have an actual megalomaniac dictator in the Americas who has enough mineral wealth to operate on his own (Castro was never really a threat, especially not after the Soviet Union went away). Fun times ahead!
      • Crap, it passed. Chavez gets the ability to make laws by decree, even though he already has both houses of his Congress in his pocket. Although I could make a point that despite having had both houses of Congress in his pocket, *our* President still found it necessary to use signing statements to get what he wanted, I'm still going to give the Rising Tyrant Award to Chavez. After all, our President can only unilaterally rewrite the laws that Congress passes - Chavez can now just make up entirely new laws wi

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