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Journal stuffduff's Journal: Will Vista Kill Microsoft?

It used to be that Microsoft was the operating system that strove to be most easily usable by the lowest common denominator, and Linux was perceived as a tool only for the most serious geeks. So, by using Microsoft products for over a decade, end users had been, in some degree, 'dumbed down.' But the main intent, make no mistake, was to please the end user.

Now comes Vista, with some fairly significant changes in how things work. For some, it is a big hurdle. But end users were not Microsoft's only beneficiaries this time. Microsoft has chosen to become its own police force and provide seamless, impenetrable DRM. After all, it's not your content, it really belongs to the person who bought it from the creator. And as we've all seen, that DRM hasn't got a chance.

Microsoft will shortly find itself in a very difficult situation. Do they allow these 'end user DRM modifications,' or do they enforce copyright through reinforcing the DRM? How will this happen? Will Microsoft choose to disable certain features for those users who don't agree with their policies?

I think that we're in for a very interesting period here as Microsoft begins to understand what they are really doing, with both end users and copyright holders.

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Will Vista Kill Microsoft?

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