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Journal WilliamSChips's Journal: Objectivism: comic-book philosophy 3

I just made a long post refuting some hollow claim about Objectivism, and I felt it was good enough that it should be preserved in a journal entry. I'd also like further comments on it. (The title won't become clear until the end of the rant though)

If it weren't for people who help other people, I probably would be in a much worse place than I am in right now. Several of my teachers have said that I am the smartest person they have ever known, and I'm not even making this up. But I have Asperger's Syndrome and it has lead to me being almost entirely emotionally inept. Things like this are the standard for smart people--one switch on, one switch off. Supporters of individual fanaticism like the majority of the Objectivist movement is predicated on the belief in a superman who is perfect everywhere and the false dichotomy between "the projection of an ideal man" and a man whose main goal is leeching off of society. Thinking in ones and zeroes may work when programming circuits but that's not how it works with people. There is no "ideal man" and most of those whom the Randian society sees as leeches aren't. Belief in the "ideal man" is just as illogical as belief in the Second Coming, but I can forgive the latter as it was invented in the Roman society when the nature of reality was not as well-defined as it was in the twentieth century when Rand lived.
Objectivism may be based off of logical reasoning from assumed premises, but all the reasoning in the world is for naught when it's based on false principles. The majority of Objectivists tend to ignore their weaknesses, considering that if they acknowledged both their weaknesses and Objectivism then they'd have to admit that they are a leech on society. Which leads to them considering those who are strong in their weaknesses as the leeches on society. This leads to the false belief in "I should only care about myself" and the delusions Objectivists get of being the intellectual equivalent of Superman. In other words, belief in Objectivist reality is like believing in Superman reality. Superman may make for a decent story but all-powerful people like Superman only exist in the comic books. No, wait, Superman used his powers to help people who obviously don't deserve to be helped because otherwise they'd be able to fly away from certain death themselves. And then there's Kryptonite which requires other people to oh my god help him. No wait, the Objectivist hero barely even makes a good story(only insomuch as Chuck Norris facts make a good story) considering that most Superman stories are chock full of kryptonite because of how boring and unrealistic somebody with absolutely no weaknesses is.

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Objectivism: comic-book philosophy

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  • but all the reasoning in the world is for naught when it's based on false principles.

    Just about anyone who believes their -ism will save the world is doomed to failure. At least until someone figures out how to make an -ism that takes into account that we are not all identical clones, yet still not devolve into chaos and anarchy.

    Still, the best answer for these people is to tell them that you'll agree to be rational and accept their philosophy when they agree to be rational and accept that people are irrat
  • when you break it all down.
  • I'm sure that it's a good thing, and I am ennumerating all the reasons why.

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