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Journal JoshDM's Journal: Wii Ports - What would YOU like to see?

I've recently purchased a Wii to replace my aging GameCube (over a PS3 or 360, though one of those will become an option once I upgrade to an HDTV - I'm not a technology snob). I am quite impressed with the Wiimote control scheme. It makes Wii Sports a lot of fun (the non-gaming wife played bowling till 2:30 AM), and using it in Rayman like a light gun is quite intuitive. Excite Truck is a little shaky, but otherwise the Wiimote brings up a number of application possibilities previously unavailable.

The Wii's Virtual Console (VC) - a repository for buying classic games - is interesting, but I realize most of what's been released to the VC is available elsewhere (ROMs, collections, etc.) To me it doesn't make sense to buy VC games, and none (so far) seem to have Wii-exclusive content.

I'd like to see adaptations or remakes of older popular games with proper Wiimote (and Nunchuk) control added. For example, using the Wiimote scheme for the PC classic "Rocket Jockey", or even "Jet Moto" would be a natual fit.

What obscure games would you like to see adapted?
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Wii Ports - What would YOU like to see?

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