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Star Wars Prequels

Journal Cliff's Journal: R2-D2, Rebel Leader? 15

from the oh-wow dept.

Original story from Bureau42.

Now, I'm not one to treat Star Wars as some kind of holy religion, and I'm more than happy to read something someone else has done that attempts to take the sillier aspects of the work (all 6 movies) and attempts to inject more sense into them. With that said, I took a look at a re-analysis of SW history, that paints R2-D2 and another fan favorite in a quite different light, and was just utterly floored with the possibility.

Enjoy! :)
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R2-D2, Rebel Leader?

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  • And I thought... some of it is far fetched, but it definitely has merit!
    • by gmhowell ( 26755 ) *
      Hardly original. I had this idea back in high school.
    • is that you don't have to change one lick of what has been filmed for this interpretation to work. Heck, I was just watching TPM and RotS (both were on at the same time, though so I kept flipping between) while thinking of this and I definitely get the whole thing about Chewy.

      Why would Chewy go from being part of the Kashiykk (yeah, and I'm probably spelling it wrong) military to second man to Han Solo of all people?

      At any rate, it would be fun to go through all 6 movies keeping this little tidbit in
      • I always read that Solo was a good imperial pilot, but when transporting slaves from Kashyyyk, he saved Chewie's life. Chewie goes anywhere Solo does as a life-debt.
        • by arb ( 452787 )
          The canon was that Chewie got captured by the Imperials when they invaded Kashykk and Han saved him from slavery. I think the gratuitous placement of Chewie in RotS was a bad move because it raises all sorts of questions. Similarly the fact that R2-D2 didn't have his memory wiped and C-3PO did. Oh yeah, then there's the whole Darth/Anakin not recognising the droid he built, nor did his force-sensitivity reveal Luke or Leia when they were on the Death Star...

          Maybe the prequels were just a bad idea?
          • Did Darth Vadar ever encounter C3P0 in the original trilogy? Who said Leia has the ability to use the force? Sure, Luke does, but not Leia...
            Perhaps Luke wasn't that aligned with the force until after "A New Hope"??
            • by gmhowell ( 26755 ) *
              Anakin Skywalker *built* C3PO. Mentioned in Phantom Menace.
              • Right, but did he encounter C3P0 in the ORIGINAL trilogy? I don't recall a scene where Darth even sees him...
                • by gmhowell ( 26755 ) *
                  Empire, when they were freezing Han. C3PO was strapped to Chewie's back. IIRC, the one he never saw was R2 in the original trilogy.
                  • Ah, forgot that scene.... true dat...
                  • The droid Ani built in PM was without it's outer shell. That might have been enough to make the "classic" look of 3P0 in the original trilogy slightly less recognizable. Plus, if I picked up a toy you barely played with when you were 8 and showed it to you know, would you really remember it? =)

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