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Journal OctaneZ's Journal: Linux Wireless help - Half-Height Card Selection 2

I need to find a PCI wireless card that will work with linux (OpenSuSE 10, not my choice). Now normally this wouldn't be THAT hard, except it is a Dell Optiplex GX240, you know the slim black ones that probably sit on all of you secretary'sadministrative assistant's desks, thus I need a so called "half-height" card.
So anyone out there have suggestions, I am NOT looking to use NdisWrapper. Any suggestions?
Has anyone used mad-wifi recently? They list the "3Com® Wireless 11a/b/g PCI Adapter" as the only supported half-height card.

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Linux Wireless help - Half-Height Card Selection

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  • I can't recommend a specific card, but I've had good success with the madwifi driver, even on the embedded (ARM7-based) system I'm using at work. Worked fine for me on 3 x86 boxes as well; 1 laptop with a PCMCIA card (Netgear WG511T, and 2 desktops with PCI cards (Netgear WG311T and Netgear WAG311, neither are half-height, though).

    madwifi has a binary blob that gets loaded into the kernel (yes, into the kernel; no it's not uploadable firmware); thought I'd mention in case you have a problem with that. I
  • I recently posted about two wireless cards that work out of the box on the newest ubuntu: []

    The ZyXEL pci card has a full-height bracket, but it looks like it could easily fit in a half-height slot (sadly, it doesn't appear to come with an alternate half-height bracket for the back :-|) Though, if you had a blank half-height and a drill, it looks like it would be trivial to unscrew the full-height slot.

    Maybe there is a pci->pcmcia adapter that would work?

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