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Journal theStorminMormon's Journal: What are Foes For? 4

So I've been looking through my "Freaks" list today. I have 10 or 20. I got curious as to why these people decided to put me in their "Foes" categories, so I started looking through their entries. I was hoping to see either an out-and-out disagreement I'd had with them, or at least some kind of blatant example of an idea or political viewpoint they held that I didn't, or that I held and they disagreed with. The results: nada. One had a blog. Reading through I saw s/he seems to have a problem with anyone who's opinionated. So that one is explained. But some of these folks have very few comments (none of substance) and yet they mark me as "Foe".

I'm just bemused by it. I understand the "Friend" ranking. Or at least, I find it useful. I have my friends all modded up at +5 so I'm more likely to see comments they have. But I don't have any foes myself. What would be the point? I suppose if I ran into some poster again and again and we always got into an argument it would be fun to have an official "arch-rival" or something, but just lurking and labeling people "Foe"? Strikes me as cowardly, pointless, or both.

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What are Foes For?

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  • by Arker ( 91948 )
    Some folks foe you so you can't post in their journal discussions. This is the most obvious use of the tage I think. Other than that I don't know. Personally, I have a pretty extensive foes list, and not for that reason. I use it mostly to mark particularly nasty trolls - seeing that red bubble reminds me not to feed them later.
  • I don't know that many people personally that use /. so I use the relationship features to categorize people I particularly like or don't like based on their comments. Someone says something that particularly annoys me, I put them on the foes list. Someone says something particularly intelligent, I put them on the friends list. Guess which one has more people on it!
  • I have pretty much the same use as the other posters. If I see someone posting really good comments that I more or less agree with, then I add them as friends. If there are people who just seem to troll all the time, then I add them as foes. I also have my settings so that friends get a bonus mod up and foes get a bonus mod down. That way I don't have to bother with the foes. I think one of my foes has been modding my comments down though, as a few of my recent comments have been modded overrated witho
    • I've noticed that myself more than once. My posts will go from the normal rating of 2 (from karma) to 1 or even 0 "over-rated". It made me mad at first, but now I figure some people are just stupid.

      I guess that if you're giving a negative to trolls, that makes sense. I just don't think of "foes" as trolls. I think of foes as the folks who I disagree with. Some would be trolls, but others may actually be intelligent and articulate, just wrong. ;-) And I never like labeling people trolls because I'm nev

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