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Journal sielwolf's Journal: Douglas Adams got me a Free Lunch 4

Today I had a group meeting and we were told that our department had produced XX many reports for customers this year. We were then asked to guess how many of those XX reports our group had been lead on. The closest answer would win a free lunch.

Ok: so what you know is that your group produces reports (so the number isn't 0). But you also know that the rest of the department produces reports as products too, so it probably isn't XX. So you have no real information to go on. So what do you do?

In the absence of a rational choice, make a ridiculous one. I went with 42.

[He shoots...]

The answer? 41.

[He scores!]

Asked why I chose that number I said "It's the ultimate answer. The only real unknown is what the question is." You know who also chose 42? My boss. Same reason. "I'm glad someone else here has a literary mind!"

[And one!]

Sometimes the wacky answer truly is the best one :P

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Douglas Adams got me a Free Lunch

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