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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I'm raising a tomboy 4

Last weekend, when I was watching TV, Jenna walks into the room, sees the tube and yells "FOOTBALL GAME!"

Today, I was explaining to my wife how I've waited for today's games, and I intend on lounging and watching both of them, when Jenna walks in. "Want to watch football with daddy, today?" "Mmkay!"
She held my hand to lead her to the TV. Had to convince her to go get her favorite shoes to distract her...

So... I'm raising a tomboy, which is fine by me. Either that or she is ugly for the next 16 years. I don't want to have to deal with boys when she gets old enough. I simply don't have enough guns to clean...
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I'm raising a tomboy

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  • Enjoy it, cause next week she won't want anything to do with you.

    My oldest is the tomboy, we build electronic's kits together, play catch and watch baseball together.
    the middle girl is prissy. but still likes sports.
    the youngest girl is a tank. I call her dozer. she may be able to play O-Line when she's grown. but she's prissy too.
    she's the one that will follow me around one week then ignore me for a month.

  • by http ( 589131 )
    you don't need more guns. you need one, just one.
    a showy shotgun.
    practice polishing it on the veranda on your rocking chair, looking daft and tense.
    it might take you about five years to get the look right, and another seven to perfect it...
    • It's things like these that make me regret that it's hard to get a shotgun in Europe. ;-) (Well, not if you're a farmer... I heard you can have one then. Or so I heard.)

  • I suggest you don't watch There's Something about Mary: basically a story about all the psychos one happy little tomboy dredges up. The optimistic view: you might be the father-in-law to Brett Favre. The pessimistic one: she might have a boil encrusted Chris Elliot chasing after her in ten years :P

    But that movie is completely unrealistic: nobody likes the 49ers.

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